AirPiano Lets You Control Music With Wave Of Your Hands

Omer Yosha’s AirPiano is a new musical interface which lets you play and control software instruments by moving hands in the air.

Above the AirPiano is a virtual matrix of keys and faders, each assigned with MIDI messages and ready to be triggered. The length of a triggered note is equivalent to the time a hand is placed on the corresponding virtual key. This is also confirmed by LED feedback

Here’s a video of the AirPiano in action:

The AirPiano is still in its prototype phase and its concept of a virtual matrix might eventually be used for other applications and purposes.

“I’m an Interface Design student from the FH Potsdam (near Berlin),” says Yosha. “The concept behind the AirPiano is having a matrix in the air, with virtual keys & faders.”

“The AirPiano is not only fun to play, it also invites to experiment, to explore endless arrangements and develop new playing techniques,” adds Yosha. “It might be useful for DJ performance, as a music therapy instrument or as a toy.”


  • Polyphonic
  • MIDI protocol
  • Up to 24 keys / 8 faders
  • USB connectivity

The AirPiano concept is filled as a Provisional U.S. Patent Application (Number: 60/989,986).

via CDM

One thought on “AirPiano Lets You Control Music With Wave Of Your Hands

  1. You are a master of the form! What form, you may ask? Modular Masters, Masters of Loop, Masters of Control, Masters of Air.

    Taking the Surface out of Control Surface, You give us Control Surfing!

    A true thinker. Simple, and easy to grasp, this controller should be a hit. May you live long and prosper :-. (ooh ahh)

    Will this support OSC for yet more options for the future?

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