Bleep Labs DIY Thingamakit

Bleep Labs has introduced the Thingamakit – a DIY project that lets you build your own anthropomorphic noise maker.

According to Bleep Labs, the Thingamakit features “all the sounds of Thingamagoop plus
triangle wave LEDacle with shape and speed control. Second photocell patchable to modulator and photocell rate. Square and Triangle wave output.

The satisfaction for making an noise monster with your own soldering iron!

Comes with:

  • detailed instructions
  • fully labeled components
  • simply layed out circuit board with minimal hand wiring.
  • 2 ready to blink LEDacles
  • control panel and face stickers

Bleep Labs is also doing a fun marketing twist, creating a Thingamakit Flickr group.

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