TC-Helicon Updates Harmonizer For Singing Keyboardists

TC-Helicon has released a software update and several application videos for Harmony-M, its vocal harmony device for MIDI keyboard players. 

A demo video is embedded above. The music featured in the demo video does nothing for me – but the quality of the effects is impressive.

The software update offers improved chord detection latency, bass voice leading and footswitch operation. 

TC-Helicon has also released three performance videos from various musicians highlighting the different styles of music, and creative options Harmony-M provide. Additionally, five tutorial videos help get a player of any technical ability started with the product.

NaturalPlay, an intelligent harmony arrangement algorithm in Harmony-M, makes it possible for any singing keyboardist to get lyrically arranged harmonies playing as they normally would, without limitations. NaturalPlay provides a variety of voicings options, including bass voicing, unique to Harmony-M, which follows the root of the current chord.

The software update can be downloaded from the TC-Helicon website and uploaded via MIDI to Harmony-M.

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