PICSynth V3 Released

I got word via Kevin in the synth forum that he’s released the PICSynth V3 chip, which features a cool new arpeggiator and portamento.

The PICSynth is a easy to build DIY synth project. Here’s an audio demo from the latest PICSynth:



  • Dual oscillator mono synth
  • Really easy to build using just 1 custom programmed PIC chip, 4 ICs and single 12v supply
  • All circuits built on veroboard – no printed circuit board making skills needed
  • PIC based dual oscillator and digital keyboard scan
  • Analog VCF/VCA/Envelope
  • Waveforms : sawtooth, square (with pulse width adjust), triangle
  • Fully adjustable detune
  • New: Cool Arpeggiator
  • New: Portamento
  • Expandable, first two modules shown below
  • Total cost estimate $89

More info is available at the PICSynth site.

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