The Most Unnecessary iPhone App Ever: Fart Piano

Want to know why there aren’t more interesting music apps being created for the iPhone?

It’s because developers have figured out that the easy money is in creating mindless apps like the new Fart Piano (App Store link). 

According to its developers:

Why just listen to toneless farts when you can make music? Fart Piano gives you a full octave of a piano, except that instead of playing regular notes, you’re playing farts! Imagine playing The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, holiday classics or even Bach and Beethoven with farts? The result is amazingly funny! If you enjoy the likes of iFart or other fart applications, Fart Piano is for you!

You have to give credit to Z Enterprises –  they solved the problem of “toneless farts”. 

This gets my vote for The Most Unnecessary iPhone App Ever. Let me know what you think in the comments!

One thought on “The Most Unnecessary iPhone App Ever: Fart Piano

  1. I’m hoping that the music app I’ve just launched will be deemed not only as interesting, but as actually useful. If you happen to have the time, do pop over to and let me know what you think of it (especially after watching the demo videos ^_^)

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