NAMM Show: M-Audio Axiom Pro Control Keyboards

M-Audio introduced a new series of USB MIDI keyboard controllers at the 2009 NAMM Show. The Axiom Pro family builds on M-Audio’s line of USB MIDI keyboards, but is designed provide musicians with a more responsive playing experience as well as deeper tactile control to mimic the feel of playing a real piano.

Available in 25-, 49- and 61-key models, the Axiom Pro series features software integration to digital audio workstations (DAW) including Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic and Reason, using M-Audio’s HyperControl technology, which automatically maps keyboard controls to commonly accessed parameters in software instruments and DAWs. The constant two-way link with the host DAW means that the Axiom Pro series keyboards are always in sync with the software’s active parameters.

The graphic LCD constantly updates the current values, to ensure seamless editing and prevent parameter jumps—even when plug-ins are closed. Users can also easily toggle between Mixer and Instrument control modes, making the music creation process much more seamless.

Axiom Pro series keyboard controllers are also the first to combine MIDI control with ASCII keystrokes, allowing users to assign any button to send QWERTY key commands like cut/paste or undo directly to the host software. The controllers offer M-Audio’s premium TruTouch semi-weighted keyboard action for a more tactile and responsive playing experience.

They are also equipped with eight velocity-sensitive trigger pads with M-Audio’s exclusive Trigger Finger technology for triggering loops and samples.

The Axiom Pro 49 is currently shipping and carries a USMSRP of $599.95. The Axiom Pro 61 is expected to ship in the first quarter of 2009 and will carry a USMSRP of $699.95. Pricing and availability for the Axiom Pro 25 will be announced at a later date.

3 thoughts on “NAMM Show: M-Audio Axiom Pro Control Keyboards

  1. Looks like a big price premium over the non-Pro Axiom models, too — so the main difference is “HyperControl”, and I’m interested to see what thorough reviews have to say whether this is worth it.

  2. So it takes 2-3 years to paint a keyboard white and get a retail product out of beta testing? I bought the original Axiom years ago, hated the lack of DAW support, but the key-action was incredible. Can someone do a Axiom Vs. Axiom Pro review and explain (technically) how the “pro” version capabilities of this keyboard couldn’t be implemented on my Axiom? Why not a firmware update and new XP/OSX drivers to supplement the hardware diffs? I own the Axiom 25, was going to buy a 61-key but I thought I’d wait til’ they update the drivers for a more streamlined experience with Pro-Tools 7 and Reason 4 at the very least (this basic functionality has been branded HyperControls). They still haven’t updated any drivers for a year and now I need to buy another keyboard? Where do they get the balls?

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