NANO: An iPhone Game For Relaxation

Adrian Johnson’s Nano (App Store link) is an $.99 iPhone game for relaxation that combines artistic interactive visuals with ambient music. 

Johnson explains how Nano works:

I enjoy watching fish. I tend to work too much, and watching fish when I have the chance helps me unwind. There’s something meditative about moving one’s hand in front of the aquarium and getting the fish to school with you. 

In NANO the gameplay mechanic is akin to moving your hand in front of the aquarium glass. One manipulates the flow of particles by changing the electromagnetic field depicted by the gray lines. Different particle types have different masses and interact with the field at different speeds. Ultimately one wants to activate the spherical Assembler nodes by guiding benign particles to them and keeping malign particles from them. When all nodes are activated, the level is completed. In each level there are either two or three nodes.

If you’ve used Nano, leave a comment with your thoughts!

via Adrian Johnson in the comments.

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