Wivi Band Turns Your iPhone Into 15 Instruments

Wallander Instruments has introduced Wivi Band for the iPhone (App Store link), a new $9.99 app that turns your iPhone into 15 different instruments.

WiVi Band uses the iPhone microphone as a wind controller, and features piano-style fingering with 5-octave range. The app includes a variety of wind instruments, ranging from brass to saxophones and woodwinds, all controlled using the same simple scheme.

Wivi Band includes 15 musical instruments:

  • Trumpet,
  • Trombone,
  • French Horn,
  • Tuba,
  • Tenor Saxophone,
  • Alto Saxophone,
  • Flute,
  • Piccolo,
  • Alto Flute,
  • Clarinet,
  • Bass Clarinet,
  • Oboe,
  • English Horn,
  • Bassoon and
  • Contrabassoon.

Details at the Wallander site.

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