Blade Runner Soundtrack Synth Jam

Sunday Synth Jam: Desolation Path-Bladerunner Atmosphere Part II is a luscious bit of symphonic electronica improvisation, via mik300z:

You guys seemed to like my other BR video so thought I would share this. Far as i am concerned I should have called it “Demolition path” for what I have done to this beautiful Vangelis piece! It was quite difficult , way beyond my ability, but enjoyable.

ESQ 1 comes in here again as a Yamaha CP-80 electric piano, did quite a good job for the chords at the beginning. A lot of this is nonsense, but fun all the same:)

In this video, like Bladerunner Atmosphere Part 1, mik300z really channels Vangelis’ sound palette. Check out his other Vangelis covers on YouTube.

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Update: Removed on account of synthtoxication. : (

4 thoughts on “Blade Runner Soundtrack Synth Jam

  1. apologies but I removed it from youtube, made it last night while I was quite drunk, and saw it today, it's kind of all over the place. I think I could do it better and I wil post up another vid soon!

  2. a lovely story =D Sometimes such things work, sometimes they don't… I didn't get to see it myself but I'll check out the other stuff you've uploaded.
    And, if it's any consolation, I uploaded this to YouTube on the first night of a bender that landed me in the intensive care ward in… Malta ;-p

  3. Thanks synthhead, i do apologise after you took the time to link it here. It had good parts to it but the particular key it is played in is unfamiliar to me, and i am a crap keyboard player at the best of times. I just need to practice a little bit more on those chords.

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