The Roland SP-404SX Performance Sampler


Roland has announced the SP-404SX, an update to the Roland SP-404.

The new model offers enhanced sound quality with 16-bit linear sampling, improved DSP effects, smooth FX switching, a more versatile pattern sequencer (with a new shuffle feature), and easier data management with SD-card compatibility.

SP-404SX features

  • Sample anytime, anywhere with the built-in mic and battery power.
  • 29 DSP effects, including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, and looper.
  • 3 control knobs, 12 trigger pads, and Sub Pad for rapid repeat triggering.
  • Seamless effects switching for smooth, perfect performance.
  • Pattern sequencer with quantize mode and new shuffle feels.
  • 1GB SD card included; expand sample storage up to 32GB with SDHC.
  • Import audio files from computer, assign samples to pads with bundled software (Mac/PC).

Details below.

If you’ve used the Roland SP-404SX Performance Sampler, leave a comment with your thoughts!


The SP-404SX includes 29 DSP effects — including filter, delay, unique voice effects, subsonic, and looper — that switch seamlessly for a smooth performance. Twelve trigger pads, three control knobs, and a Sub Pad for rapid triggering allow DJs, musicians, and sound engineers to trigger samples and jingles and apply effects on the fly at the club, gig, or theater.

The built-in microphone, simple user interface, and optional battery operation enable recording with the SP-404SX anywhere inspiration strikes. It is also easy to import samples and utilize the high quality effects onboard for sound design or unique live performance purposes. The more versatile pattern sequencer now includes an improved quantize mode with new shuffle feel for intuitive, non-stop loop recording.

The SP-404SX will be available in October with an MSRP of $465.50.

7 thoughts on “The Roland SP-404SX Performance Sampler

  1. if this doesnt have pattern copy its just a waste of money… the 555 has it but roland wouldnt make an update for the 404…b/c they are stupid and dont care.

  2. im so angry. the 404 is the most agrivating sampler to try and load samples onto… WHO THE HELL USES COMPACT FLASH CARDS? and it is not user friendly in the sence of editing at all. NOW….. instead of making an upgrade to the 404 that i can send mine ina nd have it retro fitted…. they just release a completely new instrument. What teh hell?

    1. Mpc users and many filmographers still use compact flash. The 404 is a great add on sampler, not a centerpiece for any studio or stage. I use Reason and a korg pafkontrol to play real drum breaks in real time drum by drum. This goes into a kaosspad3 for live fx and glitched drums. The 404 is the right side of the set up: long samples to make a bed of noise for the drums.

  3. i use compact flash cards. then again i also make my own samples so could care less about loading anything. i have found roland stuff easier to program than korg or akai… different strokes for different folks?

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