Love Theme From Flashdance On The Voltage Controlled Glockenspiel

The Love Theme from Flashdance on the 1 volt per octave Voltage Controlled Glockenspiel.

Because it uses 1 volt per octave control, it can be played using standard control-voltage keyboards.

Who needs that fancy-schmancy MIDI stuff, anyway? It’s not as fast!

via organfairy:

This is not animusic! It is honestly for real.

This is a bigger version of the electric glockenspiel I have shown in some previous videos. The mechanical action is the same. However, the electronics are a bit different as this glockenspiel is responding to a 1 V/Octave signal. It is therefore a VCG – a Voltage Controlled Glockenspiel.

In other words: The glockenspiel can be controlled by a standard Moog keyboard. In this video I played it on a home build analog controller keyboard outside the picture.

The rest of the arrangement is played on the Technics SX-C600 organ and Roland SH-2000 synthesizer.

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  1. I love the look and the playing ability of your design. I am starting to build a street organ and wanted a glock but without the pneumatic action. It will be MIDI controlled. Will your glock play repeated notes very fast? Do you have a diagram of your electronics? Is it for sale? The diagram I mean. I have worked on pipe organs before and electronics use to be a hobby but that was before integrated circuits, shows how old I am. Hope I get a reply. Thank you. Ron

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