Make A Eno-Style “Warped” Piano Sound In Ableton Live

Most Ableton Live tutorials seem to focus on loop-based music production.

This tutorial, by Loudon Stearns, looks at using some of Live’s advanced features to create an Eno-esque “warped” ambient piano:

The coolest feature I have used here is Zone Shift in Sampler.  I explain it in the video, but you need to play with it to really get a feel for how it works.  Say you have Zone Shift at -12, then Live is going to play the sample from an octave up, but transpose it down to the pitch you played.  So, by moving Zone shift you are transposing all the samples, but the instrument still plays at pitch, try this on EVERYTHING, it is awesome.

See Stearn’s site for more details on the patch or to download the project.

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