Free Tomita-Style Vocal Synthesizer For Windows

Free Windows Music Software: This is a demo of Voc-One, a free vocal synthesizer for Windows:

Choirs can give any kind of music a lift, but sampled choirs are not versatile and many vocal synthesize concentrate so hard on trying to sing a lyric that they forget to carry a tune.

Ever wondered how Tomita created such convincing choir sounds…a

Voc one is different, using a simple analogue synthesizer to simulate the glottal pulse or pulses and then using a powerful, morphable formant filter bank to give a realistic, warm and flexible vocal quality:

  • full control over each stage of the vocal synthesis
  • morphable formant filter with 11 recognised phonetic vowel spectra
  • morphing between vowels sounds subtle and natural
  • control over the register of the formant filter and the emphasis to give a much greater range of possible vocal types
  • 8 presets plus room for 8 more
  • built in high quality reverb (UDReverb based on freeverb – thanks to Elogoxa and David Haupt for this)
  • lots of potential for experimentation.

It should be noted that CPU usage is quite high with this one and a minimum 1.2GHz processor is recommended, although it will work (if the playing is not too complex) on an 800MHz processor.

Thanks to myVST for the video demo!

One thought on “Free Tomita-Style Vocal Synthesizer For Windows

  1. The reason Tomita got such convincing choir sounds was that he used a Mellotron with different choir tapes loaded and routed through his Moog modular to get the envelope and filter settings right, he goes in to detail about laying down a click track on one track of the tape and then plays the Mellotron/Moog and records the results on the other track and on The Planets he sings part of the vocal himself on Venus and runs it through his effects processors.

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