Free Windows VST Download, Sonitarium, Offers 100 Oscillators Per Voice

Sonitarium is free Windows VST that uses “a variant of DSF synthesis”, with aliasing-free oscillators that generate a quadrature stereo signal.


  • Aliasing-free DSF oscillators, each generating a quadrature stereo signal.
  • Up to 100 oscillators per voice. Unison controls to alter the pitches and phases of the oscillators.
  • Freely selectable polyphony with up to 16 voices.
  • Text field input for all controls.
  • Envelope and key tracking controlled volume. Adjustable pitch bend range.
  • Freely adjustable Attack, Decay, and Release slopes.
  • MIDI control of all parameters (CC).
  • 60 presets.

Sonitarium is available as a free Windows VST download at Moppel’s.

via MyVST

One thought on “Free Windows VST Download, Sonitarium, Offers 100 Oscillators Per Voice

  1. A very annoying interface. I tried the plugin and some of its effects are interesting. I'm a bit sceptical about the implementation of DSF synthesis in this particular case, but either way the results sound interesting.

    The only thing which blew it for me was the interface. Sometimes you move a dial and it gets stuck, no matter how much you move the mouse. Sometimes a right/left movement works, then it stops and its back to up/down again. Sometimes you can change values by a single digit, sometimes its impossible.

    Tried it for 15 – 20 minutes then gave up. The interface annoyance weighs more heavily for me than the sound it generates.

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