Free iPad Synthesizer – Retro Sound Studio

Retro Sound Studio (App Store link) is a free synthesiser application for the iPad that is aimed at creating retro electronic sounds reminiscent of 80?s arcade games.

It is intended to be used by game developers to create sounds for their games or by music producers as a sample source, particularly for producers working in dance music genres such as tech house and electro.

Saved sounds can be accessed by using iTunes.

Select the device, then go to the Apps tab and finally select Retro Sound Studio under File Sharing.

If you give Retro Sound Studio a try, leave comment and share you thoughts on it!

9 thoughts on “Free iPad Synthesizer – Retro Sound Studio

  1. I disagree, this is well worth a download: here's how I use it :

    1- plug the ipad audio out in your DAW audio in
    2- go into random generator mode
    3- press record in the DAW
    4- press "generate" in the ipad, as many time as you want
    5- you'll get an audio stream full of funny noises
    6- splice the audio stream, keep what you like best
    7- ad effects as you wish or assign to Battery or whatever…

    net net, this is a nifty random "80's" noise generator, it's very funky
    if you use well it with your DAW.

  2. I think its cool how there coming out with different synth programs for the Ipad… i just they would come up with a way to use a Midi contoller to control the i pad so we have some real keys :3 would be awsome to use as a mobile workstation ya kno?

  3. Gotta agree with AkA – this thing is pretty cool, especially for a freebie. Hit the random button until you hear something that grabs you. THEN tweak it into something you REALLY like and save the settings. Connect to iTunes and see that Retro Sound Studio saved both the synth settings AND a wav file of the sound. Use the wav any way you like. Very cool.

  4. I'm so there with YES must have for any sound designer or producer out there! Even if this was a paid app, I'd still say get it!

    I wish MORE ipad apps gave you a random button! or even this much control.

    MUST have!

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