$25,000 Fairlight CMI Synthesizer Coming To iPad, iPhone

Fairlight CMI synthesizer on iPad

At the 2011 NAMM Show, Fairlight offered a preview of their upcoming iOS version of the Fairlight Computer Music Instrument.

The iOS Fairlight CMI app offers most of the features of the original Fairlights, but not the 25K price tag. It can also do some things that were never possible on the original Fairlight CMIs, because of the additional computing power afforded by iOS devices.

Above, Fairlight CEO Peter Vogel demonstrates the Fairlight CMI app running on an iPad.

We asked Vogel about CoreMIDI support and he said that the initial release will not have it, but that it may be coming later.

Here’s a video of the Fairlight CMI synth app in action:

Vogel said that the Fairlight CMI sampling synth app has been submitted to the app store and will sell for about $50.

59 thoughts on “$25,000 Fairlight CMI Synthesizer Coming To iPad, iPhone

  1. Unless you are a proffesional musician (about 0.00001% of people who buy musical instruments) whats wrong with a toy? My Guitar doesn't have midi!

    I'm sure it will have a few weeks after release, slot it in to AKAI synthstation 49 for a WIN

  2. What's wrong with a toy? You spend $50 on it, fire it up three times, then never again. Your guitar is playable without MIDI, this is not. iPad and traditional keys simply is no good match.

    I have several instruments on my iPad, but the only one usable without CoreMIDI is Mugician. Luckily, many have added CoreMIDI to their instruments, so things are getting better. I hope Fairlight will add CoreMIDI too, but I guess it is a business decision to not include it for now.

  3. If they release this as a program for Mac (extra credit for a Windows port) I'd seriously consider buying it. I've been dreaming about something along those lines coming to a computer near me but as a fully usable instrument that integrates into my workflow.

    And as an amateur musician I'd like to add: Toys are fine, but only as long as they are really cheap plasticy boxes that I can torture with screwdriver, drill and soldering iron.

  4. Can you render waves? Orginal library? Import your own samples? The quality of the sounds? Same transpoose artifacts as orginal? Aliasing on/off? Or toy???

  5. Yes, The sound have to match the orginal machine in some ways… I think the transposion algorithms have to match the orginal. We all know hos lame one single sample fr.o.m the Fairlight IIx sounds in an ordinary software sampler (or hardwear like Akai)

  6. Yes its supercool But how about the sound? Are the timing rock solid as the original CMI? Are the Page R sequenser “tight” enought? The orginal CMI (and the new 30 model) are known for transpose artifacts, antialiasing filter on and of. etc. Thes are the most important aspects – Not to be able to see waveforms in diffrent directions….

    If the “sound” emulate some of the artifacts i am prepered to pay over 100 dollars for this app. On the other hand…, if the sound is like standard soft samplers, (Kontakt with Fairlight IIx library) this is nothing more than a glorified toy.

    I hope not beacause Fairlight is Fairlight beacuse of the organic sound. Let it be that way… Im prepered to pay for a decent Fairlight emulation quality app.

    (sorry for bad english)

  7. Fairlight series || is coming up, and reBirth is allready out as I understand. The iPad starts to look intressting. Not becouse of the divice itself, but for the Rock 'n' Roll apps showing up!

  8. Fairlight CMI for ios is marvelous for sure… Great, great, great!!!

    But i also want some more information about the "audio quality" subject. Is the app also going to sound… fair?

  9. "The Fairlight 30A uses the Crystal Core engine to faithfully reproduce all these acoustic quirks. Thanks to this use of programmable “virtual hardware”, each channel has its own “goodness” which gives the combined output the rich analogue CMI sound."

    What about the IPad app? Any " Quirks…??

  10. rolto….there are some flavour in the iMS 20… but the problem about samplers (modern softsamplers) are that there is no flavour at all….

    Peter Vogel (one of the original inventor of Fairlight CMI) have now tried to emulate the orginal CMI SOUND (Fairlight 30A) Im sure that the result are impresive because HE have tried and it cost $$$$$$. And dont think he is willing to kill the brand….

    Now he is also making this (toy?) Ipad app for 49$ We cant expect much of the glorius Fairlight audio "quirks" at that price. (We got the "interface" and library, Page R, but not THE sound)

    Fairlight instruments should make an "deluxe" version of the Ipad app. . Raise the price (200$ or more?), make it some sort of serius sounding (Insert a little of the Fairlight pitch quirks) and there will be an demand among more serius musicans. (but not compete with the full spec and glorius 30A)

  11. …And then the fun begins…. Peter Vogel also makes a white hardwear controller for the ipad(inspired by the AKAI synthstation 24)… And Fairlight instruments can (re) compete with the AKAI, like in the old days… …

    Its nothing more than fair…. AKAI stealed the sampler market in the 1980s from Fairlight, Now its time for mr Vogels revenge!

  12. Hi Halbert!! I like Morgana!I and it remindes of my Ensoniq Mirage. But its not an CMI. There is something "fairy& dusty " about the CMI sound….

  13. I dont think this Fairlight app has any acoustic quirks at all. Thats a shame because other brands ex KORG have invested in modeling that are sound (to a high point) like the original. This is not good for the Fairlight brand. Fairlight´s are supposed to sound like Fairlight´s.

  14. A "deluxe" version that preserves the CMI series IIx "sound personlaity" for the Ipad are not gonna compete with the Fairlight 30A (series III library and high quality sound flavour, custom hardware, 24 hig quality AD and DA and all the expand options an dedicated open system as the Crystal Core design can give.)

  15. Mike Oldfield used the CMI series "I" on "Five Miles out" (1979) Series II on "Crises" and "Discovery" (1983-1984) Series III on "Island" etc (1985 -) Lotsa Fairlight there…

  16. not impressed with this app at all. no core midi no waveform drawing and way to much emphasis put on the waveform display which does look great. 50 bucks for this is just a real joke i mean its a glorified sample playback module with extremely limited possibilities. i would say without the waveform drawing this unit offers zero in terms of actual sound creation. a real dissapointment of a app.

  17. I have the Fairlight on my Ipad. How in the world do i get the upgrade version?
    I love it since i had the chance to try this thing back in the 80’s ( i am that old).

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