Nord Introducing New Keyboard At Musikmesse 2011

Frankfurt Musikmesse Nord teaser

Nord has announced plans to release a new keyboard at Musikmesse 2011:

Countdown to ecstasy!

2011-03-25 If you’re in Frankfurt between April 6-9th, be sure not to miss the Nord booth and try out all the latest Nord gear! You’ll find us in Hall 5.1, Booth B90, and we’ve also got a surprise for you…

No word yet on what the new Nord keyboard will be…..

14 thoughts on “Nord Introducing New Keyboard At Musikmesse 2011

  1. I wouldn't even need a revolutionary sequel. I would be in extacy even if it was merely an incremental upgrade.

    If they added samples, it would make all the other digital gear obsolete for me though. But even if it was "merely" a G2.1, I would explode.

  2. Hopefully an updated G2 with more processing power and more knows (similar to the original Nord Modular). And they should really open up the specifications so that people can build editors without reverse engineering.

  3. I'd like a new Nord lead that finally offers built-in effects, more than 4 part multis, and a screen rather then a shitty numeric lcd.

    Also want to record knob movements, have more patch storage, and a lower price.

  4. nord take the piss really, they stopped supporting or should I say developing any new libraries for the electro 2, I bough one and realised that the company likes mugs as clients. It was an expensive machine and not be able to acces a larger sound library after it was promised, really was dissapointing.I bought mine hoping that usb would be there for a reason and long life. I am pleased to see Korg outshining them.

  5. Same with the G1 Nord modular. I guess that's what you get for buying from a small company that does not have the resources to offer support for discontinued products. Outsourcing the software support for those products to another company would be a great idea.

  6. For the size of the Clavia I think they have done absolutely outstanding job, especially considering the amount of products they have. Even the 1000 times bigger companies don't usually do any better. At least Clavias instruments work well, sound good and most of all in distinctive way. They usually are even able to release meaningful, relatively big additions and improvements and fun surprises compared to the big players, who are usually struggling to kill bugs, at best.

    I like all kinds of synths, analog, digital, soft and hard, and I am thankful, that theres still room for these hard working smaller hardware synth companies, that tries to pursue personal sound and interesting instruments. On the other hand ts good to have Roland, but its a blessing to have Clavia as well!

    But I think they have the piano-organ-combo stuff well catered, at least for a little while. In my book the Lead -product line is also still current, as I count Wave as the 4th Lead. Now I think it would be a great time for 3rd modular. So I'm praying for next Modular, perhaps with samples, and perhaps a couple of smallish module additions for Christmas present and synth guys would be happy for another decade.

  7. Huh…is that a Steel Dan reference? I can only assume this will be another electric piano modeler. Maybe a Donald Fagen signature Electro?

  8. Yup… welcome the bullshitro 3…. I guess next year will see the next nordstage… time to ignore this company now…

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