Roland BK-7m ‘A Band In A Briefcase’

Roland is now shipping the BK-7m Backing Module – a MIDI-based virtual backing band.

The portable unit can connect to any MIDI-compatible instrument, such as a keyboard, digital piano, or digital accordion, and is designed act as a virtual backing band. 


  • Portable backing module compatible with MIDI-capable pianos, keyboards, accordions, organs.
  • 1,000-plus tones, 57 drum kits, 128-voice polyphony.
  • Over 400 high-quality music styles, each with four one-touch settings.
  • Over 900 Music Assistants covering every musical genre.
  • SMF and audio file playback via onboard USB connector.
  • Audio recording in WAV format directly to connected USB storage device.
  • Cover function for SMFs and Music Styles.
  • Composite Video Out to display Lyrics and/or Chord Symbols on external display.

The BK-7m is available now with a suggested retail price of $1,499 USD.


24 thoughts on “Roland BK-7m ‘A Band In A Briefcase’

  1. Man, what is it with Roland and the super cheesy promo videos? The music in this vid sound just like the sappy stuff on the JV-1080 demos from the 90s (which were cheesy back then too!)!

  2. Good idea, shame about the price IMO.

    I actually like this as I can see quite some potential for it. For both actual use as well as a great learning tool. The main downside here is IMO the rather extensive price. Also; while they mentioned that the device can be hooked up to a remote screen they never did show what it looked like…

    But seriously; I think the idea is good. One of the reasons I'm very happy with my Casio keyboard as my main set of keys is the large selection of rhythms it has, each which an accompliment. Sometimes that can really help you to get some stuff going. 180 rhythms, each with 2 accompliment styles (both also have a variation) and 1 intro/ending.

    Then again; a Casio is approx. $200,- and this critter a whole lot more. And then only for accompliments?

  3. aa, the price was there. I didn't see it at first and because Roland has had pretty ok affordable keyboard arrangers, I hurried to see how much…my eye brows went to roof. Its more than the keyboard models, that makes sense.

  4. The sad thing is that this probably sells to exactly the type of people they show in their demo videos – musicians trying to get by playing gigs in bars and such.

    If this thing had good sounds and let you create your own patterns, it might be interesting.

  5. People want arranger style keyboards but not these rehashed has been sounds and patterns. Also the people that want the arrangers these days don't want a toy they want something with balls and not 400 styles but 5000 styles we live in 2011 and they dredge stuff up that isnt as good as a 1989 product. The Vsynth was cool but this product is a flop already. Roland is a Japanese company right? They did just have a devastating earthquake and a Nuclear reactor go sky high and the main man for Roland died recently so maybe this is just the corporate structure changing because it was to much all at once?

  6. This unit will fill a need for the single entertainer who needs backup for gigs where dancing is required. Rather than using backup tracks the unit does what you tell it to do. Via midi interface. I have used similar units in the past and have made a lot of money with them. Sometimes clubs cannot afford an entire band that’s where this is useful. As a guitarist you trigger chord and fill changes via footpedals. Yes it takes some practice but the results are actually quite good considering the alternative of just a drum machine.

  7. Hey Guys
    I just bought a BK-7M. As a tool for the music student it’s pretty cool. My students love it because it not only helps with their rhythm and timing but also the experience in selection and use of sounds/tones. Everyone has to start somewhere so to all the knockers out there …. come back to me with a better product for the same price…..

  8. WOW – It’s amazing just how many knowledgeable folks there are out there regarding the Roland BK7m!! I’ll bet you that most of the negative comments are from people who either don’t own the unit or have absolutely no idea how to effectively utilize it to its full extent as it does have a fairly extensive learning curve. Unless you’re a professional musician, you should really stick to your Casio units as that’s about all you’ll ever be able to master. I happen to be a professional musician, have owned the BK7m for about three months, and absolutely LOVE it. Although I can basically make the machine “talk” by now, I have yet to explore all of its many functions to their fullest extent. Without going into a lot of detail, this machine is fantastic, trust me. I have a couple of You Tube videos featuring the unit if you’re interested in hearing what it can do. Go to You Tube, type JOHNNY DOWNING in the search box, and find the video of “This Could Be The Start Of Something Big”. After you listen to it, either tell me you can duplicate it or refrain from posting these stupid ignorant comments about which you know so little.

  9. I use the bk7m with a midi pick up on my guitar.It is fantastic!i can play songs in any style I choose and I control what the whole band plays along with my chords.Incredible!!and great fun too.I love live music too but this avoids band arguments and traumas :-).highly recommended.

  10. Dear Sirs,
    Do you can pedal Fc7 change the rhythms, patterns, and different styles. Can I set the tone on the Fc 7, one octave (ie. C to B and to change chords on Bk7m (major, minor, seventh) and changed them foot the live music. If it can not be with Fc7 controller with which it can be? What the cost of transportation in Croatia.
    Thanks for your reply.

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