TableDrum – Uses ‘Augmented Audio’ To Turn Anything Into A Drum Kit

Simon Pettersson sent word on TableDrum – a new iOS app that uses ‘augmented audio’ to turn anything into a drum kit:

We have developed an Augmented Audio mobile application/music instrument that is really one of a kind and is available on the App Store.

Here is a demo video on how the app works!

The app is called TableDrum and allows you to sync the sound of any real physical object to trigger a real time response of high quality drum sounds. You can now build your own drumset from practically anything.

I would love if you tried it out and let the world know what you think!

TableDrum is designed to do live drum sound replacement, so you can hit various physical objects and turn the live sounds into a virtual drum kit.ย 

Here’s how TableDrum works.ย To link a drum to a real physical object, you

  • Hold down a drum pad until it starts glowing.
  • Release and tap a real physical object several times (4-8) while the light fills the circle.
  • When the linking process is done, the rim of the pad will glow.

The app recognizes sound, so for the app to work at its best, the sounds you link should be different and distinguished. While you are playing, hit the object the same way as when you linked it.

TableDrum is currently $1.99 in the App Store. If you give it a try, let us know what you think of it!

20 thoughts on “TableDrum – Uses ‘Augmented Audio’ To Turn Anything Into A Drum Kit

  1. Extremely cool, but has zero live performance use because it uses audio as a sensor. What i want is korg to make a wavedrum app, and sell that sweet, sweet sensor as a camera-connection-dongle.

  2. kinda fun, but as 'some guy' said: zero use in live performance and you get only 1 drumkit, the other 2 kits are in-app purchases.

  3. I dont need to use it in live performance! Downloaded the app, its an awesome toy! And nice to have around when you want to compose new drum beats without a drum set. But you wont be playing any concerts with it!

  4. Because it doesn't work. It picks up maybe every other beat and even when two different sounds are used to make two different drum sounds, it doesn't work.

  5. Dear Synthopia-

    Please stop putting up all this videos about the latest music apps and gear and put up more videos about using gear and producing electronic music. I am going broke and am tired of all these shitty apps that are not that good. Granted there are some innovative and beautiful sounding ones, like 'soundrop', and 'bloom', and 'budhha machine', and 'Beatmaker', 'nanoloop', 'tweakybeat', and 'Djay'. But I don't have enough time or money to learn all of these and actually make some music. Here's an idea. Post a video of a music app that you feel is really well done and then ask the subscribers to make some music using it so we can hear what is really possible and be more creative.

  6. As someone who buys a lot of iOS apps, I have a bit of an advice for you.

    Wishlist these non-essential apps on and enable push/email notifications on price drops. Sooner or later they'll drop to 99c or free and then you can scoop them up without buyer's remorse.

    Don't blame the messenger. Once you have a ton of wishlisted items, every week you get couple of nice sales. There's no race to buy everything as soon as they're released.

    Hope that helps.

  7. I disagree. I like hearing about all the new music creation apps, even the "bad" ones. Just because you don't like an app doesn't mean everyone else will come to the same conclusion. Use your own judgement before you buy.

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