New Spanish Modular Synth Manufacturer, Corsynth

Corsynth – a small company from the Northwest of Spain dedicated to manufacture modules for analogue modular synthesizers – has introduced their first module.

The C101 OTA Lowpass filter is a four pole low pass filter ( 24db/octave ) based on four cascade OTA-stages. The design is similar to the one found in classic synthesizers like Roland System 700, Roland System 100m, Roland SH-1, SH-7, SH-101, Roland Jupiter 8, Jen SX1000 and many more. The module is 5U, compatible with or Moog modules.


  • Filter response 24db/octave
  • Filter self-oscillate
  • Can be used as VCO ( 1V/Octave )
  • Voltage controlled Resonance
  • Temperature compensated
  • Two Frequency Modulation inputs
  • Two audio inputs
  • 1V / Octave input

Here are audio demos of the Corsynth C101 OTA Lowpass Filter:

The C101 OTA Lowpass Filter is priced at 210 €.

See the Corsynth site for more info.

3 thoughts on “New Spanish Modular Synth Manufacturer, Corsynth

  1. Well, I was gonna yawn but I listened to the samples anyway. Hey! This is a really nice-sounding, versatile unit at a very fair price… Good luck to them.

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