The EM-Tronic Synthesizer – A $40 DIY Jumbo Shrimp Of A Synth

The EM-Tronic Synthesizer is a $40 DIY jumbo shrimp of a synth, featuring all the parts you need to build a tiny battery-powered noise machine.

The developers describe the EM-Tronic as “a great synth started kit for those getting started in electronics”, and it includes all the components needed except for an enclosure.

Main controls:

  • Pitch: the pitch control allows you to make, 127 tones and 127 white noise variations.
  • Speed: The speed control has different functions depending on what mode is set, but essentially, it sets the time a tone or tones are played and repeated.
  • Mode: the EM-Tronic has three modes, mode 1 is basic and gives a bleep at the pitch and duration you set. mode 2 is delay mode, this mode gives a delay effect as you move the pitch control up and down. Mode three includes a delay and multiple notes played rapidly.

The kit includes:

  • EM- tronic custom Circuit board
  • Programmed micro controller
  • Electronic components ( resistors, capacitors, voltage regulator, 9v battery clip, switch, potentiometers, 3.5mm socket, knobs and LEDs
  • Detailed instructions

To build it, you will need:

  • Soldering iron and solder
  • Wire cutters
  • Allen key to fit the knobs
  • An enclosure to fit the kit into if you want one.

The EM-Tronic is available at the Rarebeasts Etsy site. If you’ve built the EM-Tronic, let us know what you think of it!

Note: It looks like supplies are limited on the EM-Tronic and us posting about it will probably blow out the currently available stock.

One thought on “The EM-Tronic Synthesizer – A $40 DIY Jumbo Shrimp Of A Synth

  1. Sounds interesting, but for a few dollars more (to coin a phrase), you could build a Nebulophone… as I did. Lots more sound options with the Neb. Not to diss the Em.

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