Animoog Moog iPad Synth Updated With Background Audio, Patch Randomizer

Animoog Moog Synthesizer for your iPad

Moog Music’s Animoog synth for the iPad has been updated.

Here’s what’s new in Animoog 1.0.1:

New functionality:

  • Background audio support
  • Record module now has a 4 beat count-in with optional beep (configured on Setup page)
  • Also on Setup page, a new Random Preset button (warning: dangerously addictive)
  • Timbres page: ‘Preview’ button, select timbres silently or select & preview them audibly
  • Multi-mode knobs are now easier to adjust
  • Network MIDI session now enabled by default.

Bugs fixed:

  • Memory leak on switching page views was causing crashes
  • MIDI Clock Sync much smoother
  • MIDI note to KB display mapping is now correct
  • Handles MIDI NoteOn w/ velocity 0 as a NoteOff.

Animoog was already a favorite with Synthtopia readers. Background audio support is a welcome addition, though, and the Random Preset function will probably cause the loss of countless hours of readers’ time.

And Animoog is still $.99 in the App Store.

Check it out and let us know what you think of the update!

10 thoughts on “Animoog Moog iPad Synth Updated With Background Audio, Patch Randomizer

  1. indeed “dangerously addictive”. i personally would have appreciated an option to select
    which parameters are randomized vs. which stay as i set them, but hey, this way i get forced-introduced
    to new concepts i would have never thought of! those 99 cents just keep on giving.

  2. The new background audio feature doesn’t work well at all and this is such a shame. It cuts out some when you switch to another IOS app, so it really isn’t usable. Unless I’m doing something wrong I think it needs real work to get it right.

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