TabStrummer Programmable Guitar Tab MIDI Controller

Tabstrummer is an unusual programmable MIDI controller that’s designed to let you play any guitar tab that can be played on a 12 fret guitar. 12 memory buttons can also be programmed into any of the 300 memory SONG locations of TabStrummers internal memory.

It has a MIDI out connection and an add on MIDI sound shield from Sparkfun Electronics with onboard audio out jack, so you can plug in your headphones or connect it to your sound system or TV audio input.

The strings are PCB traces that are touch sensitive. They are widely spaced on the top of the strum board so you can “pluck” each string.

See the TabStrummer site for details.

3 thoughts on “TabStrummer Programmable Guitar Tab MIDI Controller

  1. It’s Atmel microprocessor based. If we get enough people interested we’ll have kits ready for sale mid 2013, price should be below 200$. Very simple version of the TabStrummer could be eventually available for Arduino.

  2. i am a song writer that can’t play. will I be able to strum and push cords. That’s what is holding me up. I have 850 country songs. when will the guitar be for sale. Any idea what the cost will be? How technical will it be. I just need push button chords for the music to my songs that have melodies. as I strum. Or am I wrong? I can’t handle a bunch of technical gadgets.Thanks Robert

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