iDensity Updated With Background Audio, FX Chain

ApeSoft has released an update to iDensity, its granular synthesis app for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in iDensity 1.2:

  • Background Audio
  • FX chain: Echo, Ring Modulation, Parametric and High Shelf filters, Reverb and Dynamic Compressor
  • Independent Y scrubbing and X scrubbing at the same time for grains density/length
  • Time limit of samples removed ( you could load files as big as your free iPad RAM )
  • New wavePad pinch gesture ZOOM for long samples
  • Sliders and Knobs could switch to Default/Last values
  • Fine increment/decrement mode in Sliders and Knobs behavior
  • New Rewind button in toolbar for quick jump at the start time position
  • Preferences: waveform color and resolution are customizable
  • Preferences: Y and second finger step resolution are customizable
  • Preferences and last UI state is stored
  • Auto load audio after recorded ( on/off )
  • Stereo Input audio recorder (if device is stereo)
  • Sound File and Snapshots rename
  • Quick Help embedded

iDensity is $8.99 in the App Store

If you’ve used iDensity, leave a comment and let us know what you think of it!

6 thoughts on “iDensity Updated With Background Audio, FX Chain

  1. Meantime in galaxy not to far away, Cubase 6.5 was released 2 days ago.
    I guess it is not big news for Synthtopia since it wasn’t posted on StereoKlang to begin with… 😉

  2. and the nonsense above aside – this is an excellent app. very, very good and the guy also replies to the emails. upgrade seems bonkers for a 1.2.

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