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  1. Yeah I think thats what they meant to write.. Free iphone wallpapers. Then mabey more than 5 people in the whole world will get to enjoy this. As a designer myself, I can tell you they are half-empty designs to actually be printed out professionally. Using a stained dirty grunge map does not make them better. The bits that are on each poster are nicely cropped, all that is good.

  2. Sorry, but these designs aren’t very good. Really poor font choices, on the 303 and 909 especially. They just seem really uninspired.

  3. Hi, I’m the person who created these images, I was having a bit of craic spending about an hour making images based on something I’m passionate about. I’m sorry I offended your palates so much. I will never practice designing ever again, in fear that it becomes to disseminated without my consent and ends up on a reputable synth oriented blog that I regularly visit.

    1. Well dude, if you can’t take criticism, you’re in the wrong business. I’m guessing you haven’t gone through any formal design education or you’d know how to handle criticism. But, yes, these need a lot work and that’s coming from someone who has got a formal design education. Was your intention to make the 909 and 303 text appear to be floating and separate from the “background” images? If so why isn’t this carried out in the rest of the series? You’re attempting to sell these, yes? So you don’t think people have the right to voice their opinion on your work? I’m sorry but there is plenty of bad design floating around out there, especially on the internet, and when people see it they should stomp it out. And before you ask to see my designs, I’m not the one attempting to sell my mediocre work by using these iconic machines as hipster bait. Personally, I would remove the text from the images completely, you’ll still have more work to do but that would be a step in the right direction…but apparently you don’t need that advice.

  4. Wow! What a bunch of weaners you all are. I actually cant believe i’m reading this. The guy designs a bunch of images because he loves synths and you self proclaimed “experts” have nothing but disrespect for him.

    @ Tim and Toly, what did you guys ever do that you think you can be so disrespectful of someones work? If you were real professionals, and by that I dont mean designers with jobs, but designers who had done anything of worth and merit you would have had more humility because you would know how difficult it is to succeed. And this “formal education in design” bollox. You think that makes you an unquestionable expert above other “lessers”? You think the fact that you studied design means you have a superior and more relevant opinion of design over anyone else? You think a degree in design makes you gifted or even good at it? Not a chance.

    I didnt study design, I have a “formal education” in Fine Art Sculpture. I can make literally anything I can imagine and turn into bronze. So fucking what? Who gives a flying fuck? Guess what I do for a living? I direct TV commercials, and I’m REALLY successful at it. Guess how much time I spent studying film making. Zero. I’ve never even set foot in a film school, but i’ve made over 200 TV commercials, directed 2 award winning shorts and I’m directing a 5 million dollar feature film this year. All of that with “zero formal eduction in film”, but if I saw a commercial or film by another director that I thought wasn’t up to scratch I wouldn’t dream of disrespecting him in public, thats so fucking amateur.

    If you guys had been to an Art school worth its salt you would have learned how to respectfully critique others work in a manner that is intelligent, insightful, informed and helpful, even if it doesn’t appeal to your own sensibilities. You bunch of talentless wank faces!!!

    Why couldnt you have said “good concept, let down by the poor font choice, maybe try sourcing the original fonts used and apply them, they’ll work a lot better and you’ll honour the original designs more, therefore making them more desirable”. Same end result, you still get to voice your opinion, but you dont bitch like talentless spoilt children jealous that someone has done something you didnt think of.

    Rob, well done, nice work. I agree about the fonts, but the deigns are very nice, particularly the 808 and the 106 on your flickr page. In fact, a friend of mine who did special effects on the new ‘Lockout’ movie with Guy Pearce saw your 808 design when I was perusing synthopia today and he remarked how cool it was. So there you go, a guy who designs special effects for major motion pictures thought it was cool.

    So get back to designing take away Pizza leaflets or behave like real men and show some respect.

    A bunch of total weaners.


  5. Brian, What’s this have to do with showing respect? If someone thinks these images suck, they should be allowed to say it regardless of their background. This is a public forum. The designer opened this possibility as soon as he posted these on Flickr.

    How about a link to your demo reel? We would like to see the work of someone who calls an entire audience “talentless” simply because they don’t think these images are good.


  6. Its about behaving in a respectful manner to others. A rare but valuable quality. It is a public forum, but is that an open invitation to be so rude?

    Heres a link to a trailer for my short film Crossing Salween, which I wrote and Directed and which recently won the Kuala Lumpar International Film Festival:


    Here’s a link to my showreel:


    I never called the entire audience talentless, just the weaners who were so rude to Robs work. If they care to post their portfolios and prove they are not talentless, just weaners, I look forward to seeing them.


    1. Brian, Thumbs up for providing links to your portfolio. Nice work.

      You got valid points, but these are comments on a blog, not a college art class. The commenters you mention seem more honest than rude to me.

      At best, the images above show a lack of effort. At worst, they are uninspired and uninformed. there’s really not enough elements in the images to even give it a meaningful critique. But is our job here on the forum to give deep meaningful critiques of strangers work?

      The lack of effort also seems a little degrading to the images of classic gear this person is using (or abusing). This is a synthesizer blog so these things are important to a lot of the people here. The images could be seen as the equivalent of pictures of Jesus cut into a bunch of pieces and re-organized into Mr. Potato head, and then played on a large screen projector in a church on sunday.

      At the end of the day, if the designer of these was just having fun (like he sounds he was), then good for him. Hopefully in the future he takes the concept to a more finished level.

  7. @Brian You really dumbed down the conversation. Disliking something and be critical is not disrespecting it. If you see it that way you’ve got a long hard road ahead of you. If you read what I wrote I didn’t say you need a formal education to be a designer, I said, if you lack the ability to be critiqued there’s a good chance you haven’t gone through a formal eduation. I am a professional and in the past have been told my work wasn’t so hot, it’s just, life get over it. It’s also just my opinion, and apparently quite a few people agree, but it’s the opinion of someone who knows what the hell they are talking about. These images are close to working but they aren’t quite there, why not make it so they are? Behaving like a “real man” involves being able to take and give criticism. Also, my professors didn’t “respectfully critique” and I’m pretty sure Philly UArts is worth its salt. I said nothing disrespectful and find it disrespectful and fascist of you to tell me I can’t express my opinion if it happens to be a negative one. These images, as they are, don’t work.

  8. I’m with Brian. I can’t believe the negativity shown towards someone who decides to show his passion for synths by making posters. I personally would buy the 808 poster right now. Good job Rob.

  9. @thA3f, thanks for looking at my work, appreciate it.

    @Toly. I dumbed down the conversation? That drivel above was a conversation? Oops!

    “Disliking something and be critical is not disrespecting it.” Disliking something and being critical without recognising the positives or attempting to be constructive is disrespectful. Saying “Sorry, but these designs aren’t very good. Really poor font choices, on the 303 and 909 especially. They just seem really uninspired”, thats disrespectful, and lazy. If the guy who posted the images was a known time waster or trouble maker then being dismissive of his work may be justified, but thats not the case here.

    “If you see it that way you’ve got a long hard road ahead of you.” I’ve been directing TV commercials for 12 years professionally, and it took me 7 years before that trying to break into the business. Thats 19 years of hard work, so I think the long road is actually behind me and I’ve got there by being respectful of others and always looking for the positives even if their work had little merit. My success in my chosen field proves the way I choose to do things has paid off, thanks very much.

    “If you read what I wrote I didn’t say you need a formal education to be a designer, I said, if you lack the ability to be critiqued there’s a good chance you haven’t gone through a formal eduaction” –

    Actually thats not what you said. If you re-read your own post you’d see what you said was exactly this –

    “these need a lot work and that’s coming from someone who has got a formal design education.” In other words, “these need a lot of work, and I should know what i’m talking about, I’ve been to Art School”. Condescending? A tiny bit?

    ” find it disrespectful and fascist of you to tell me I can’t express my opinion”. Who said you couldn’t express your opinion? I simply said being to art school didn’t make your opinion more valid like you suggested it was. What I also said was its possible to be critical AND polite and that maybe you should try that sometime. AND I most definitely said you, and others, were being weaners for how you dismissed Robs work. If you think there’s no validity in being polite and constructive in a professional environment you’ve got a long hard road ahead of you.

    The fascist comment you made, WTF?

    In terms of being able to take critisism about his design. Where do you think you are? This is a synth forum man, not a design forum. The guy designed the posters because he loves synths. Good man. I applaud him, do some more. If he ever puts them up on a “design” web site and you stumble across them, then knock yourself out and tear them apart. But here, on Synthopia, where people who love synths gather to discuss and share information about, yes you guessed it – Synths – get some perspective.

  10. Also in case anyone was wondering, the artist is actually currently finishing his second year in the most recognized art college in the entirety of his country… so I think that constitutes as a formal education.

  11. Nice idea but they look pretty unfinished, I understand the minimalist approach and love that for t-shirt designs and Phone/Tablet/Computer wallpaper designs, but as people have said it does not really take into account the fonts and smaller details of the devices.

  12. I think if someone wants to pay someone to produce something for them that gives them aesthetic pleasure, then go for it! In the most constructive way possible, I will say: I like Robert’s textures and vintage effects, but I would pay good money for posters that reflect putting more attention into details of the machines that we know so intimately. Those are just my values. For example, the 909 buttons have rounded edges, a smaller LED, etc

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