What’s The Best DAW In The World? (2012 Poll)

Best DAW PollWhat’s the best DAW in the world?

In 2010, Synthtopia readers voted Ableton Live the world’s best DAW.

But in the last two years, many competing digital audio workstations have received major updates, while Ableton has focused their development on bug fixes. And several new DAW’s have been announced since the last poll.

Here’s your chance to weigh in. Leave a comment below, too, and let us know the reasons behind your vote!

Note: To minimize vote stacking, the poll is configured to only allow one vote per person per day. The poll will be available through the end of the day June 15th.

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211 thoughts on “What’s The Best DAW In The World? (2012 Poll)

  1. It’s gotta be both Reaon 6.5 and Ableton live for the sound engine, ease of use, fun element, stability and most important of all, results. I haven’t used FL for about 8 years so can’t really comment. Cubase was king once upon a time but nowadays seems way behind in most things. Sonar and Logic are ok and Acid Pro is very good but no 64-bit and regularly crashes. I’m still to try Reaper, Presonus and Protools. To reitterate – Reason 6.5 and Ableton Live!!!

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  2. Now that Reason finally has audio recording it has become my favorite. This is coming from someone who used everything from the original Creator / Unitor to modern day Logic & Ableton. I love Logic, and fully appreciate why Ableton is so popular, but nothing excites me as much as Reason. This is due to the built in instruments, audio recording, sampling capability, and mastering all-in-one. I particularly like the add-on pianos, drumkits, and other instruments available in both Refill and Rack Extension forms. While I like some old VST’s, I certainly do not miss the vastly varying user-interfaces and configuration issues I used to have. Of course my new i7 16GB PC does not hurt things.

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  3. Satisfied with the results, my DAW is on the 4th place, I thought Logic users don’t give a shit about this polls, boy I was wrong 🙂

    For mac only, pretty good 🙂

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  4. what the hell… you make a poll asking people??? what about technical specifications? FL has been around for ages and is on the pc of any teenage boy who wants to make music because you find it hacked all over the web and if you buy it it used to be dirt cheap.. thats not a poll, thats b*llsh*t

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  5. I think it depends on your composing style. Not all DAWs are created equal for different types of music. …and Pyramix is not even listed as are several other professional music software.

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  6. How can you say which DAW is the best?
    1. Each individual has their own wants and needs.
    2. Has everyone evaluated every DAW? I would say not as by the time they have, upgrades will have been made and new evaluation copies will be available so you would have to start again. Some don’t even let you evaluate or you can only do it once for a 30 day period say.
    3. What you may have in one DAW isn’t in another or what is there is inferior. Auto-Tune and Elastic-Audio are prime examples of this.
    I could go on ………….

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