The Vavdo A1 Handmade MIDI Controller

The Vavdo A1 is a handmade USB control interface, designed to allow simultaneous gestures from all your fingers, while providing instant tactile & visual feedback.

The Vavdo A1 is compatible with any software & hardware that receive serial, MIDI & OSC data.


  • USB Connection:
    • Communication: MIDI, OSC, Serial
    • Power: USB bus powered
  • Input-Output:
    • Potentiometers: 10bit-1024 steps, 100.000 lifecycles, long life & smooth friction
    • Buttons: short stroke for perfect tactile feedback
    • Leds: preprogrammed triple color LEDs for instant visual feedback
  • Electronics:
    • Microcontroller: vavdo-ctrl based in atmel avr
    • Automated and manual optical inspection following IPC610D Standard
  • Materials:
    • Front Panel: 1.5mm Stainless Steel INOX
    • Wood Enclosure: Solid 22mm Melia (mahogany family: meliaceae)
    • Wood Base: 4mm Birch plywood
    • Knobs: PA 6 for excellent grip, feel & durability
    • Wood Varnish: Extra strong non-toxic, colorless mat
    • Wood Finishing: Varnished & shanded like a musical instrument
  • Metrics:
    • Dimensions: 22 x 14 cm
    • Height: 2.7 cm (with knobs: 4.5 cm)
    • Weight: 0.8 kgr
    • Knobs diameter: 24 & 32 mm
    • Buttons diameter: 4 mm


? Worldwide shipping with DHL express.
? Introductory price, incl. VAT: €230
? Overseas: €185

The Vavdo A1 is available now.

via SonicState

10 thoughts on “The Vavdo A1 Handmade MIDI Controller

  1. that is a nice looking thing but a tad expensive for a wee midi controller….why do all these things with a bit of wood involved suddenly take on these mental prices?

  2. Handmade is almost never a good quality for consumers electronics other than for cachet. Which is doubtless why it appeals to the kind of person who buys audiophile hifi systems.

  3. I think that most consumer products that are well designed are more expensive. Also if something is handmade probably is more expensive because production quantity is lower.

  4. how about locking usb/firewire/etc?

    with all of this uber expensive “pro” stuff how much of it takes ruggedness into consideration?

    gear should be intended to be used rather than looked at

  5. I dont’ see how this will provide “simultaneous gestures from all your fingers” a video would be nice and handy.
    Other than that. It looks very good, one would have to see it live though.
    For all you people asking for a rugged controller… this one can’t be more flimsy than a Novation controller can it? It looks quite rugged to me… but again, need to hold in hands to judge that.

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