Tenori On For The iPad – For $10

Remember when Yamaha introduced the Tenori On and everybody went crazy….but it cost about $1,200?

Yamaha has dropped the price on the iPad version of the Tenori On, TNR-i (App Store link), to $9.99, highlighting one of the benefits of relatively cheap computing platforms like the iPad.

The functionality of TNR-i isn’t limited to a faithful duplication of the TENORI-ON design and interface. If you are connected to a network, you can also participate in TNR-i sessions with distant friends and others. Up to four people can connect to each other over a network and enjoy performing together at the same time.

If you’ve used TNR-i for the iPad, let us know what you think of it!

12 thoughts on “Tenori On For The iPad – For $10

  1. I think at $9.99 most of the people who buy this (like myself) won’t put the time in to really learn it. It is amazing though that touchscreen tablets can makes these devices that were once out of reach for the ordinary person (Tenori On, Lemur, Reactable) affordable.

  2. Is a great app, I got it at full prIce but it’s worth it. I have the real tenori orange too and both are great

  3. I bought it at full price when it was released. I’ve also had possession of the original for a short time in the past. Found them both interesting as drum-box style sequencers, but never really used either of them for any music. There are far to many apps and devices that do much of the same thing, that I never had any great love for the Tenori-on. (Maybe it’s me. I sure come across like a hater on this site.)

    1. hmmm I think you may need to create an account. Then you will get a small welcome back notification after that. I never got any game center notification on any of my music related apps though.

  4. Had this app for some months.
    The interface is really good, just enough to discover to keep it fun
    (I’ve twiddled my little Venetian Snares-ripoff 7/8 and 13/16 beats for hours)

    The soundset is a downer though. Prevents any real use in a song.
    It needs a new synth/sampler, and some way to control 2 parameters per step.
    If I could set it up to control the animoog there would be real use for it.

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