Project Presets – Twisted Tools S-Layer

Torley gets Twisted in the latest episode of Project Presets – a series where he explores what new tools can do and how playable they are out of the box – with Twisted Tools S-Layer:

S-LAYER is a sample layering sound creation tool that allows you to create, edit and play new sound combinations by taking samples and layering them together using an eight part sampler and an intuitive cell layout.

By combining sounds from the included sample map or your existing sample library, S-LAYER facilitates the discovery of new oneshots, sound effects and loops from pre-existing sample content. Whether you’re looking for a new way to create thick drum samples for hip-hop or a massive impact sound effect for game, S-LAYER delivers.

S-Layer is built for Native Instruments Reaktor 5 (Player NOT Supported).

S-Layer is $69 at the Twisted Tools site.


2 thoughts on “Project Presets – Twisted Tools S-Layer

  1. Interesting Stuff. I might need that plugin. The guy in this video is kinda hard to understand and its really long without getting to the point. He might want to lay of the 420 before filming this kind of thing.

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