Side Chain The Gate In Ableton Live

This tutorial, via AfroDJMac,looks at side chaining the gate in Ableton Live:

Ableton Live‘s Gate effect is super useful for cutting out unwanted noises and cleaning up tracks.  Basically, the gate stays closed, preventing sound from passing through, until the volume reaches a certain threshold.  At that point the sound is allowed to pass through.  The gate then closes again when the volume drops below that threshold, silencing the audio.

By enabling the “Flip” button, you can have it behave the opposite way, only closing when the volume reaches a certain threshold.

Fortunately, the gate effect can also be sidechained to another audio signal.  So, once the other signal’s audio reaches a certain level, the gate will open.  This creates a whole world of sonic possibilities.

If you’ve got other ideas on using the gate as a creative effect, let us know!

4 thoughts on “Side Chain The Gate In Ableton Live

  1. Since August 4th there have been 5 tutorials about side chaining in ableton live… Mostly done by DJ afromac, please show us something else you can do in ableton…. Please!!!

  2. that lil arrow is for side chain input, where one audio stream controls the effect to another. it can be found on many live devices.

    ^^ that sums up like 8 vids

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