LuSH-101 Software Synth Is ‘A Proper Monster Synthesizer’

Rekkerd’s Ronnie Rekkerd is impressed by D16 Group’s new LuSH-101 synthesizer – even if it made his test machine cry for mercy:

Quality comes at a price, and I don’t mean the actual price tag. LuSH-101 requires a lot of processing power. There is no denying that this can be a deal breaker for those with “underpowered” machines.

Looking past this issue (and once again coming to terms with bouncing/freezing in your host), there is also no denying that LuSH-101 is a proper monster synthesizer that is capable of producing high quality sounds. Beyond the SH-101 comparison, LuSH-101 offers so much more than the recreation of a classic.

Check out Rekkerd’s full review of LuSH-101, give the audio demos below a listen and let us know what you think of this ‘proper monster synthesizer’!

LuSH-101 is available now for Mac & Windows for $199.

13 thoughts on “LuSH-101 Software Synth Is ‘A Proper Monster Synthesizer’

  1. Some of the nicest demoes I’ve heard. Even if that music isn’t ones cuppa tea, the demos show versatility and pristine sound.

  2. in deed it is…. it was properly designed considering and keeping in mind that you will have a considerable amount of CPU to use in a proper VSTi synth (requires quite a lot of processing power per layer on it) …It will be awesome to see as well, a proper midi controller designed just to suit the LuSH-101

  3. It does sound good quality, as all of D16’s plugins do. But I would rather trade those 8 layers for better quality oscillators and filters knowing that CPU cycles are being used on quality rather than quantity. I can’t help but think D16 have missed a trick here. There’s a trend and a demand from computer musicians that Uhe, Cytomic and FXpansion are providing for. They are providing far better quality sounding plugins to customers that are willing to pay for in CPU – to get a better quality without the use of hardware. This whole layer thing shows how they have chose to prioritise its functionality. We already know how to duplicate a track and add different effects in our DAW…why not give us one layer of a super good quality synth that hogs CPU because it sounds awesome!

    1. well said.
      nice to finally have sh clone but i would also always prefer immaculate “analog” core sound than layers and fx.

    2. What, exactly, is wrong with the quality of the oscillators? They sound like some of the best i’ve ever heared. I don’t think more cycles would make them any better.

  4. looking at the interface makes me want to grab the screen, somehow a mouse cannot do this interface justice. and a mapped controller doesnt quite have the same immediacy. maybe a dedicated ipad controller app for this plugin would be nice?

  5. For those who haven’t tried this one: it sounds good, but has quite a few usability issues and drains cpu like no other synth I’ve ever used (including the U-he Diva).

  6. I don’t hear anything that I can’t already do with free VSTI synths or at least with ones that are very significantly cheaper. It doesn’t have the depth that some lower price lower overhead VSTI’s have. It sounds much more like a rompler than a good synth. Not impressed…

    my hardware synths all do a better job than this thing, with less hassle and overhead. why the hell would I spend £200 on this when I could pick up for the money. D16 stuff is all very poorly coded making it a processor and memory hog. It’s not a resource hog because it’s good, it’s a resource hog because it’s badly written!

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