Samplr – A Multi-Touch Sampler For ipad

Developer Marcos Alonso has introduced Samplr – an iPad sampling instrument designed for live performance.

Unlike other apps that try to recreate real life instruments or interaction concepts from traditional computers Samplr was designed from the very beginning for Multi-Touch devices.

Here’s a video demo of Samplr:

YouTube Preview Image

Below, an introduction to the various Samplr play modes:

YouTube Preview Image


  • 7 different play modes: Slicer, Looper, E-bow, Tape, Scratch, Keyboard and Loop Player.
  • 6 simultaneous samples (with 6 voices each).
  • 5 sound effects per sample: Distortion, Filter, Amplitude Modulator, Feedback Delay and Reverb.
  • Gesture recorder.
  • High quality audio engine.
  • Detailed user guide.
  • Ready to use sample library.

Samplr is available in the App Store for $4.99.

78 thoughts on “Samplr – A Multi-Touch Sampler For ipad

  1. I don’t bet it; an app called “Samplr” that cannot sample? That’s like building a great car and forgetting the gas pedal. Until this thing samples, I cannot consider it.

    In the early 80s i owned one of the first affordable samplers, the Akai S612. It recorded only one second samples, and it could loop – period. I sampled everythng in sight, put them on quickdisks (the only format the 612 saved to), and sold thenlibrarybto Sam Ash. It might have been the first sample library, or at least. E of the first.

    I’m dismayed that this sophisticated app cannot do what the 612 did 30 years ago.

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    • @Sam Kanter: Why don’t you invest 3 minutes in gathering information about the current state of an app instead of writing about your invention of the sample library? ‘Samplr’ has the options of live recording and audiopaste since the 10 th of dec 2012. I’m dismayed by your ignorance.

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