Propellerhead Figure Now Universal

Propellerhead has released a free update for Figure, its virtual mini-studio for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in Figure 1.3:

  • Universal – Adapted for iPad and iPhone 5
  • Legato notes – Create tied notes in the pattern by drawing finger right on Rhythm wheel, then up/down
  • Clear all function – clear a whole track with one tap
  • VU meters in mixer
  • Updated translation (Russian and chinese)
  • Choose language in Settings

Figure is $.99 in the App Store.

7 thoughts on “Propellerhead Figure Now Universal

  1. wow BIG update, now you can clear a whole track with one tap.

    still no mute or solo function in the drums……

    figure is funny, but in some corners very limited….


  2. What a nice surprise! I enjoy this app bunches, and now will enjoy it more on me iPad. They have been busy with their apps. Does anyone else feel like they are on the brink of releasing little .99 refills for this?

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