13 thoughts on “QuNeo MIDI Controller Going Rogue With Wireless Add-On

  1. From the site:
    “QuNeo Rogue is an integrated wireless connectivity and battery accessory for KMI’s QuNeo pad controller—giving artists unprecedented freedom. Anyone with a QuNeo can add the Rogue, get out from behind the gear table and step into the spotlight.”

    It’s an accessory. Wireless + battery pack.

  2. because it’s good to let every drunk ass-nugget in the club bang on your instrument. Best part of the show is always when some retard reaches out and grabs you and ruines your gear…

    1. I guess it could actually be cool to tempo sync everything in an ALS and hand them out at a club allowing the patrons “be the DJ”

      1. For some people that would be really cool, others would not really care at all. I’ve made some interactive installations for shows to get people involved with creation of the art actively as opposed to a passive observer. From my experience it seems like artists and other creative minds really appreciate those type of things and are totally into it. Others really don’t care and just want to be passive observers taking in.

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