Marsynth WSB-A Synth Now Available For $60

Marsynth has announced that its Work Shop Board A ‘diy-oriented’ synth is now available

The “Work Shop Board A” is a quad square-wave oscillator board that is completely self contained on a single PCB.

Although simple in design and assembly, the WSB-A’s voicing architecture offers a network of ring modulators and frequency synchronizations that interconnect the four oscillators in ‘a web of glorious noise’. The addition of a dedicated photocell for each oscillator’s pitch expands the range of the synth.

The WSB-A will be available as both a kit and as a fully assembled unit. The initial run is of assembled units for $60.

Here’s an audio demo:

See the Marsynth site for details.

6 thoughts on “Marsynth WSB-A Synth Now Available For $60

    1. well, you can’t. That’s why they cost 2000 dollars. Timers and CMOS chips are not stable enough to create decent non-noise synth, and they put out only square waves as default. Also, this terrible noise is appealing to some, including me.

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