Free BeatByte Sequencer For Live From Coldcut + Joey Paranoia

Coldcut + Joey Paranoia have released BeatByte v1.0 – an 8×8 ‘slice sequencer’ for the LaunchPad and Ableton Live.

In this video, Matt Black introduces and demos BeatByte.


  • It’s like an 8 track drum machine but each step of the drum can be different
  • 8 channels using 8x 1 bar loops each sliced into 8 pieces
  • hit Launchpad buttons to turn slices on or off
  • each channel has an on/off button

“Thought we’d give this out as a 2013 present,” says Black. “Feel free to tweak/improve.”

Download via dropbox (.zip)

5 thoughts on “Free BeatByte Sequencer For Live From Coldcut + Joey Paranoia

  1. Could not hear the guy and I could barely hear the sounds. From what I can gather it is a mute sequencer… Not a bad idea and pretty straight forward to implement.

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  2. People, people

    These guys have given you a brilliant and I might add FREE piece of software and your simplistic brains have nothing to offer except criticism of the narrator’s voice?? What a blast of refreshing obviousness you both must be, I could’ve used your sharp insights at the recent Noel Gallagher gig (he talks funny, and is that a guitar I see?) certainly at the last Lee Perry show (he’s black). Keep up the good work, you two.

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