The Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer – Up Close And Personal

Elektron stopped by sonicstate to give an up close look at the new Analog Four synthesizer.

From the original freak you out teaser video to the official announcement, the Elektron Analog Four has been generating buzz, based both on the company’s reputation and the new synths unique features. 

Here’s what Sonic State’s Nick Batt has to say about the video:

Jon is the product manager and is doing the talking, Jenk the guy making all the sounds.

i make no apologies for the length of the video, its just that there seemed to be so many things to talk about. Also this is intended to be a discussion about the features of the instrument, there are many other videos available that are just audio demos – check them out.

The Elektron Analog Four is available now, priced at US $1,149.

22 thoughts on “The Elektron Analog Four Synthesizer – Up Close And Personal

  1. A really great and in depth video review of A4.
    “That we have done!” And some other gems had me laghing pretty hard.
    – I love Elektron
    – I love my Sidstation and my machinedrum is the best drum machine in the world IMO
    – will try holding back on getting more elektron gear but, with my experience, and their quality I won’t control it for too long.
    Pretty soon ill just get more elektron as their products are so well crafted and a joy to use and
    I can totally understand how any musician might develope elektron gear fetish over a very short time of fiddling with nearly any of their products.

  2. A beautiful instrument! Happy to see some innovation in this space, but I would actually rather compare it to my DSI Tetr4 than my Little Phatty. The Phatty stays, but not so sure about the Tetr4 after watching this!

  3. Nice presets, nice effects and endless knobs which are the best for realtime playing. I haven´t got cash enought for buying it, but hey, it’s a great gadget.
    Wake up korg¡ you’re delaying to make an analog electribe and cheaper than this.

    1. Yes an analogue electribe. The electribes cannot be beaten for their interface. As much as I respect the Analog Four, there is still too much menu diving for me. No endless encoders please!

      1. you are absolutely right. i have the electribes and the octatrack. the sx is so much more direct that the OT. probably same goes for the mx/A4. got alot of love for the elektron but that gear is not for everyone.

  4. Very nice piece of kit, I think the price is very reasonable for what they’re selling, actually. It’s a bit of a buzzkill that the 4 voices can’t be used as a 4-voice polyphonic synth. Is that the sort of thing that’s going to come along with an OS patch?

    I would definitely want to try one out before coming down one way or another on how those encoders feel for a live performance. Encoder response can vary widely depending on how the velocity interpretation is programmed in. It comes down to personal preference, and it ended up being an issue with some DSI products in the past. The “hopping” that he’s doing at :53 is typical. Encoders are great, just try them out first if you can!

    I’m definitely pleased to see CV output on this, I’m all for more CV implementation in modern gear. They don’t touch on the fact that the output is *switchable* between V/Oct and Hz/V which is doubly awesome!

  5. Looks like a great device! And It really represents modern synth needs… compact, great sound, portability, interoperability with other devices, and the ability to create stuff on it alone.

  6. That guy (Jenk?) is freakishly quick with those menus. Amazing performance, one step ahead of the presentation at all times. Hands down best hardware demo I’ve seen. Those guys can sell.

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