The Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer – Revealed



Here’s a sneak preview of the new Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer, which will be officially announced at the 2013 NAMM Show.

Moog promises “25 keys, 31 knobs, 2 oscillators, 1 sub oscillator & infinite possibilities’.

We featured the first Moog Sub Phatty photos earlier this week, which showed the synth ‘naked’, with no case. For a preview of the new synth’s sound, see this video look at the Sub Phatty prototype.

Official specs, availability and pricing are expected to be announced at this year’s Winter NAMM Show.

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77 thoughts on “The Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer – Revealed

    1. I hope too but I doubt it, as the Minitaur costs more than the Minibrute which has much more features.

      I think the Sub Phatty’s price will be higher than the Little Phatty, because it has more features and buttons than the Little Phatty, but it will obviously be less than the Voyager.

      I can see this being in the ~1500$ price range.

      1. But if it’s like the Minitaur, it can only play notes in the lower octaves. So it’s really only useful for bass sounds. That means the oscillators are a limited compared to the Little Phatty. It also doesn’t have any sort of screen, and probably stores patches in a similar fashion as the Minitaur, via USB, or through button combinations.

    2. I think this WILL be affordable. I’m betting it will be around the same price as the Slim Phatty module. Like the Minimoog OS and the Minitaur*, it will lack patch memories. The two oscillators, the sub osc, the multidrive filter, noise source, sync, etc. will make it a great instrument. Will it be as versatile or as expressive as the Minibrute? I bet it might have velocity but no aftertouch. The multimode filter on the Brute is cool too, and the Multidrive filter looks to be a response to the Brute Factor.

      Although the Minibrute feels reasonably well made, I bet this will feel like a mix of the Little Phatty and the Minitaur, and will play and feel more solid. I won’t mind if it lacks patch storage, but it’ll be great if it has midi (which the Voyager OS lacks..)

      I don’t mind paying a little bit more for quality; so if this feels and plays great, and it’s a few hundred bucks more than the insanely cheap Minibrute (which is great, btw), then I could be very tempted.

      * the Minitaur (also great, btw) didn’t have onboard memory until the latest OS update; just to be clear.

  1. Sure don’t look like a kit to me, like the guy “who doesn’t make shit up” was told by his “out of the loop salesperson”… Good thing he “saw” a link on amazon that wAs not findable by anyone else and yet he defended it like the homeland was being invaded…

      1. in the initial post/reply all I said was the kit idea was doubtful, and that I could not find anything to validate the claim he was making. he was the one who got vulgar first, Im just saying, now heres the proof, and maybe the local instrument dealer isn’t the most knowledgeable on every instrument subject. Hell, he even admits to not hearing anything about it and doing a quick google search to find said link. When I doubted his claim of seeing this Amazon link he said he’s “not in the business of making shit up” well, maybe not, but his sources were wrong and he got all steamed when we called BS. So your right “he has been shown” and maybe he will learn to look things up before blindly following what some guy said one time at band camp.

        1. Listen, lets be clear about this. I wasn’t ‘told’ anything by the sales person. If you had bothered to read my post you’d know that. He simply did a search on his phone when I said I was interested in it, and when he saw the link he said “would you buy it if it was a kit?”. He then showed me the ink which said “ Moog Sub Phatty kit”. I then posted what i saw because I thought it might be of interest to people.

          Can you grasp that? He wasn’t telling me anything, he wasn’t giving his opinion, he simply showed me a link.

          What was it I saw? I havnt a fucking clue. Is the Sub Phatty a kit? No its fucking not. But that doesnt make me a liar either. I’m 41 with three children and a mortgage. Making shit up to sound cool was something I didn’t even do when I was a teenager, but the fact that you think someone would make up a story to get attention leads me to believe that you may be a kid who’s used to hearing shite talk from his mates. Grow up.

        2. Salt + Slug, you really to grow up. You seriously have issues that are beyond the realm of this forum. Whether “Brian” was honestly recounting what he saw or not, you have made this into an unnecessary personal attack. I am not sure how old you are, yet whatever your age, it seems that your brain, persona and character need to catch up to it. Even if you’re thirteen.

      2. I hate Flametopia. If you guys were at a party in my home and started in like that, you’d be on the street in no time, maybe with a pair of solidly-kicked nads to rave over. Music is one of the Top Three best things in my world. I resent seeing it muddied by maladaptive Net bullies. What threadbare cowardice. When I see that kind of post, I think “No musical ideas, loads of personal issues, perhaps including cheap jealousy.” If you want to make an impression, try doing it by exhibiting some kind of spark for the music. I’m not impressed by venom; I’m impressed by insight, hopping tunes on Soundcloud and Synthtopia resisting the spoilers.

  2. The title of this article is “The Moog Sub Phatty Analog Synthesizer – Revealed”.

    The article says: “Official specs, availability and pricing are expected to be announced at this year’s Winter NAMM Show.”

    That doesn’t sound very “Revealed” to me. This article is worthless link bait, and I fell for it, hook line and sinker.

      1. With all of the hollering that goes on, I wonder if there CAN be anything all that new. The standard “MiniMoog” signal path is that way for a reason: it fits the way our ears function. Veer too far from that and you start losing the connection between the sound event and the listener’s ability to interpret it in real-time. A sub-osc no more decides it than does a multi-output wave shaper. The general talk has an undercurrent of frustration to it, as if some design lack was preventing a tool from being usable. I say that in a world where you can have a modest Moog, an ample workstation, a sample set of the Skiddaw stones or all three, isn’t the burden of proof back on the player?

    1. What do I think? I think its a Moog, which means you can count on certain expectations being nicely met; that it won’t be unduly cheap; and that people will get what they paid for because Moog’s production line produces solid builds.
      I see a trend or three that bug me, but none that call for a hate-volcano. 25 keys seem like too few for me, but its still a nice little synth. Moog needs to turn a profit like anyone else. The SubPhatty is a sensible market move, so look for it in a few MiniBrute-sized rig slots as they reach distributors. I’d personally go for a Tetra first, but watch people end up driving Mophos and Tetras with it.

  3. I hope it offers some interesting features and isnt just a stripped down Minimoog (or suped up Little Phatty). The Minibrute has some features that make it unique and cool, even if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and it would be great to see something like the Metalizer or Supersaw controls appear on the Sub Phatty.

    Also, fingers crossed for MIDI to CV.

  4. My guess is that it will be priced around $900 – $1100, because Moog already has Items that fall in a a Moog affordable price range. It can’t be more than the Little Phatty or even close to the cost of the Minibrute for a variety of reasons those being that it’s smaller than the Little Phatty and it looks like it has no memory storage.

      1. not exactly ! the tinytaur does have patch recall , although it works via the virtual editor . you save the settings in there , after that you can sort of re-dump your patches to the actual synth and scroll through them using buttons . cheers

  5. this will definitely be in the higher end of the price spectrum. Did everyone forget the $1000 500series delay module they came out with 6 months ago? Granted, it sounds amazing, I don’t think it sounds $1k amazing. These guys (while I love them) love their money… and if it didn’t have a hefty price-tag, they would feel it takes away from the prestige of the Moog name

  6. Whilst I am not a fan nor a proponent of retro styling and regurgitated designs, I am more than pleased to see that the offerings are increasing from various manufacturers. Just a short few years ago people were claiming the death of the physical synth and whilst I expected the trend to reverse itself eventually, it is wonderful to see it happen.

    I personally prefer the Analog Four by Elektron as they actually doing new things. Creating and advancing the analog format. That said the most positive aspect of all of this is that we have more choices. And we can argue the merits of one over another, yet it is about choices and competition. We all gain from that premise.

  7. Ah, the “thumbs down every comment guy” is awake for the day, I wish I had his address so I could send him a “it gets better” card…

  8. Anybody here that know something about the octave range of this synth?
    The word Sub scares me.
    Do they got it from the idea Sub bass or…?

      1. I believe the term subsonic osc is referring to the action of this 3rd osc adding an ultra low frequency to the 2 driving oscillators in the mix module, adding an extra form of FM synthesis, unlike the LFO which is for modulation of other features like the filter, pitch, envelopes, ect. It is highly unlikely the intention if this addition is for a dubstep style sub bass…

        1. Really? What did I say in this reply that’s worth not liking? Sorry you don’t understand what additive/subtractive FM synthesis means, maybe you have something new to educate yourself on… (More bait for the “thumbs down every comment guy. BTW, Mr.TDEC guy, you do realize we aren’t talking about an iPad app so your lazy hate is misplaced)

            1. And maybe he/you are just insecure about the extent of their knowledge of how an analog synth works… I only speak the truth, any anger you may perceive coming from me is only an extension of the hateful reply to the “I think your guitarcenter salesmen might be wrong” you were way defensive about that, and like you said the proof was known shortly thereafter. If you can point to me being wrong about any of this I will humbly accept it, not curse at you because I have some insecurity about my intelligence… Way to be constructive and have the ability maintain a real conversation!

              1. I don’t think your wrong, in fact im sure youre not, I just don’t care.

                I also dont have any insecurities about your intelligence because your failure again and again to grasp that I wasn’t told anything by a sales assistant about the Sub Phatty, he knew nothing about the synth, ehich ive told you 3 times, reveals to me that your intelligence is at best – average, and your ability to read the printed word – substandard.

                1. Maybe you could be an example of how adults hold a conversation, by not cursing at the first person that calls out your misinformed statement…

                  1. Didn’t curse at you, I used bad language, not the same thing. Your really not great at reading others people posts properly, are you?

                    You go read my original post on the other thread, then the bigger one up above that you clearly havnt read yet, get your facts straight, then come back to me. Or don’t, I’m easy either way as you’ll probably just repeat the same incorrect nonsense again.

        2. there are so many informative and factual posts which gets the thumbs down. i would presume its the same few sods hating all around themselves. there is whole bunch more which appreciate your insights.

  9. This looks like a direct competitor to the minibrute (smaller keyboard, no memory, emphasis on the distortion), I see it in the 850-1200 price range. It has one more oscillator than the minibrute, and has the moog stamp over it, but thats about it. If it has a plugin like the Minitaur, that would be an enormous plus

  10. Deffo looks like a mini-minimoog. This may be the true modern equivalent to the model D in a way the Voyager Old School never was.

    Had a little phatty and never warmer to it, found it very sterile. Then had a voyager which was brilliant but just didn’t excite me like my vintage synths, although I may pick one up again in the future. The Sub Phatty looks like it could be perfect though. If its sonically more interesting than the LP and manages to be more like a 2 osc voyager then it could be the perfect compromise.

    1. I love classic Moogs, but I must admit that I have also been underwhelmed with the Voyager and the other newer synths they’ve introduced. I think maybe they are just too stable for my tastes, too clean.

  11. I do worry about pricing, but if this is as you say a ‘Mini-Minimoog’ then it will be hard to resist for those of us who like the bubbly warmth of the old Moogs. Lots of Synthtopia readers want that ‘scream’ of the Minibrute, but there are lot of alternatives if that is ones’ preference. I have a Nanozwerg that can sound pretty harsh, my CS-5 has seen better days so finally getting a chance to buy a Moog product with the Model D sound would be fantastic.

  12. I’m not sure anything will sound quite like a model D, I just meant the layout of it, lack of menus and lack of built in memory storage (may be possible via software) make it more like a model D than the more complex and menu dependent voyager. The voyager will no doubt still be king of the modern moogs, but the direct access to every function and added features to make the sound possibly more interesting than the LP could mean this becomes the Moog of choice. Maybe this is in fact the modern day Prodigy, Moogs other classic 2 osc synth?

  13. When I’m rich or if I ever get rich – I will get a bullshit moog – like gold plated and shit – and look down at all you sub oscillators as I will be a synth god.

    1. no it doesnt… which features do you think it has that the LP does not?

      this thing is a very run of the mill, white bread type of synth… doesnt seem that interesting these days… maybe 10 years ago people were begging for a new, cheapo moog, but things have changed – too many other companies making way more enticing analog products nowadays

  14. had to run to the toilet after reading this… ill stick with my moog ipad app and it will sound just as good..have fun suckers!!!!!

        1. I don’t just love Animoog, I adore it!

          But believing it sounds just as good as a Voyager and calling us “suckers”… hmm.. that’s another story 🙂

            1. I love how you are saying “I don’t just love Animoog, I adore it!” is my way of putting down IOS.

              Do you know the difference between “criticism” and “hate”? Do you know you can be critical of some things and still be able to enjoy them?

  15. Moog has become the new Stradivari. It’s nowhere as good as the myth. Buy the minimonsta and you get a much better synth for your money.

    1. That depends on how you view the Moog myth and whether or not the MiniMonsta fits the role better than their hardware. It also depends on your budget. IMO, to justify a real Moog, especially a Voyager or Moogerfoogers, you have to either be into playing it in real-time with greezy intent or into sound design. If you want more instant-grat, then you should go for a workstation or a serious central instrument like a Nord. Moogs aren’t really for casual playing; you underuse them if all they’re applied to is bass lines and the classic squeal-y leads.
      Does an instrument grab you beyond the immediate rush of GAS? If so, you may have something to say after the initial thrill of the new toy. Some diss Korg’s overall sound, but for me, laying hands to one has always led to a tingle I don’t get elsewhere. Don’t dismiss the mechanical details, but also listen to that subjective inner voice. I no longer have sufficient use for a Moog, but I’d be lacking something vital if I hadn’t had that first Mini.

  16. disappointed in the name, which ultimately doesn’t matter. Wonder what people who call the Slim Phatty “SP” because they hate the name will call the Sub Phatty.

    I’m predicting a MSRP of $1500, and so we’ll see it online for $1399. I hope I’m wrong for everyone else’s sake. I hope it’s $1100 MSRP and $999 in stores, but I won’t hold my breath. I also am quite happy with my LP, so I have no plans to pick it up. For those of you who no longer want to be Moogless that are, I’m rooting for you, albeit pessimistically.

  17. Ahh personal attacks, insults, condescension… it must be NAMM!

    First of all, one synth is not necessarily better or worse than another based on features and price. It all depends on how you use it. It all depends on how you respond to it. If the Moog is sounding good and has an interface that that makes it fun to use, if you connect with it, then comparing it to something else is pointless. It is either for you or it is not. Some guys play Les Pauls, some prefer Strats or Teles.

    Secondly, what you may consider to be overpriced may not really be so. It may be that other things are underpriced. Moog is making world class products in the USA. When you buy a Moog you know that no 12 year old kids are chained to a soldering table and forced to work 16 hour shifts to hit your price point. Moog probably has to pay decent wages to keep good people. Quality parts are not cheap either. The more knobs the more cost. So when you buy a Moog the price is reflective of more than the name. Look at Tom Oberheim’s new stuff. It’s just as expensive and for the same reason.

    And finally… Seriously. What is it about the anonymity of the internet that makes people think that good manners are unnecessary? I think of Synthtopia as a party that James is hosting. We were all invited. If this were happening at his home we would all be expected to behave like grownups. To anything less is just rude. Someone may love their iPad more than a hardware synth or vice versa, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you use. All that matters is what you do with it. Whose life did you touch with your music? What sort of impact have you made? Did you make something better today, did you learn something new?

    Let’s strive in 2013 to behave like intelligent men and women wherever we are. Respect other people’s opinions and understand that our own are no more worthwhile simply because we say so.

    Or at least that is my opinion.

    1. i’ve wondered this myself. Some of it must be “lack of girlfriend/signficant other” …or “I dislike my significant other and will vent by being rude to this anonymous stranger.” In other words, nothing to do with synths, the subject, or the site.

      The other day, I found myself wishing I knew the age of each individual posting, as maturity level must be factored in. At any rate, I feel ya. I wish everyone was more civil, as it doesn’t really add to the conversation when people start arguing. I’m sure some find it entertaining, but it depresses me. Someone used the term “hate volcano” in this thread. I think it’s excellent descriptor.

      I’m sure I’ve given the thumbs down gremlins something to feast on. I just wanted to let you know I share your sentiment.

  18. this looks like a beauty , i really hope they surprise us with pollyphony
    i love no menues and all knobs baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s – animoog is probably one of the best digital synths i have ever heard

  19. I’ve never responded to any of these forum things. I was compelled to write this because I feel that there are some basic ideas about what is being reviewed and why this site is such a great resource that some of you just do not understand. I apologize in advance for any preachiness.

    In this case, the whole Moog Sub Phatty thing… none of you have played one. Relax. I’m not necessarily a Moog guy, but I’m sure this product will fit a niche for someone.

    Next, pricing of product… does anyone understand the difference between buying say Chevrolet or a Mercedes? Both are just cars, they ultimately perform the same function based on different attributes. One of those will offer more extras for less money in a base model. The other will manufacture a more expensive base model with fewer extras. My hope is that you can see what I am getting at…


    There is more awesome stuff available out there than ever… with even more on the way! You jerks have the internet! You should be happy that you don’t have to physically go synth hunting, sometimes traveling to different states based on sketchy leads! You should be elated that you don’t have to spend a day or two trying to find 20 year old reference guides buried within piles of other forgotten materials in the back room of some old music shop! Now you can spend more time making noises!

    Don’t fill these comment boxes with statements that are mean spirited, snobby, entitled, or ignorant. Your inability to do so just wastes everyones time who takes this forum seriously. Anonymous or not… you will still look like a fool in the end.

  20. I first thought we were going to have a Minibrute competitor, but the more I think and read the comment about it the more I think this is going to be pricey, ie more than a Phatty. Knobs and keys cost money, a digital patch memory doesn’t. Look how easily they implemented memory on the Minitaur.. Sub Phatty leads one to believe it will cost less than a Phatty, but my thought is that it was a poor choice of names and it’s more of a mini-mini. My guess is $1150 out the door, but I hope I’m dead wrong.

    1. What would a ‘Moog MiniBrute’ be?

      The main things that people love about Moog synths are the filter’s sound, the ‘fatness’ of multiple analog oscillators and the old-school construction.

      The MiniBrute is a success because Arturia did something different – a single-oscillator synth, with a completely different type of filter and more affordable build quality. If Moog tried doing these things, people might just see it as a cheap flimsy Moog, instead of something new.

  21. It’s sad to see so many people just waisting time, writing offences to others and saying nothing constructive.
    If you have a Moog, you know how it feels to play in a real analog instrument, 31 moog knoobs just sounds like heaven, it would be easy to think this synth will prob be around 1500 euros.
    I’ve played in a few synths and nothing comes close to moog, not only by the sound it makes but how pleasureble is to make sounds on moog synthesizers.
    Their delay is 600 euros, what else is out there that you can compare in features to that to say its expensive? There is not one bad sound that can come out of any moog equipment.

    You can buy other synths that offer much more features then moog for cheap, the truth is those synths are never finished, and while they seem to do a lot, they do nothing perfect.
    Moog also offers midi that works like a charm while others fall short.

    I have a tetra dsi if anyone wants to buy, 4 voices for 700.. Sounds great but editing is a pain..

    So for anyone interested in an analog synth, i recomend moog all the way. You wont regret it for sure.
    I have a slim phatty and a minitaur and i wouldnt mind having this sub phatty.
    You can never have enaught moogs 🙂

    Also remember that you can run audio in to process and shape any sounds on any of the moog synths, just take a look and see how much are just for a moog filter by itself.

    Thank you for synthtopia for putting this information up, i think it is very reveling and informative.

    I just wish people would treat eachother the same way they like to be treated, its 2013 and we still haven’t learn basic primitive values.

    Peace and love for all

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