12 thoughts on “Moog Sub Phatty Demo With Amos Gaynes

  1. This guy really understand this synth, he’s really excellent at explaining all the features and keeping it interesting, unlike bill and ben over on the korg stand!

    I’ll still be buying the MS20 over this though.

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    1. Compare where and how this made vs the MS and mini brute . I don’t thnk u would be so comfortable with your decision if you had a clue about what ultra cheap labour does to real people on both sides of the pond….

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    1. Yeah, look at the size of the wheel box. It’s massive. I know they were using as many LP parts as possible but a smaller wheel box and just slightly longer panel they could have squeezed in another half octave.

      I suspect they did this so it would be compared directly to the minibrute and win. However at €500 the minibrute is still hard to beat. If Arturia made an expander (like System 100, 102 expander) but with 2 oscillators for €500 they’d have an awesome 3 osc mono synth with a great form factor for same price as Sub Phatty.

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      1. Well, given the CV and audio connections on the minibrute, it’s easy to build a 500€ expander with a doepfer mini case and a few eurorack modules (2VCOs, a ringmod and a mixer, for example).

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  2. well now I’ve seen all of it. the elektron analog 4 was way too complicated to really use. the MS 20 is a dream come true. and the moog well this guy really sells it but I can wait.

    so it’s MS 20 for me and then the sub phatty a little down the track.

    then I need something POLY!!!!!!

    and a better electribe.

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    1. Yeah, same here. I’m in no rush to own the Sub Phatty, I’ll PCM one up second hand down the line. But the MS20, I’ll be pre-ordering that!

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  3. I was at NAMM yesterday, and this was the best-sounding thing I played. Super intuitive to use as well – great performance-oriented design. The MS-20 mini was super cool and fun, and that screaming filter is rad – but not nearly as fat sounding as the Sub Phatty. And the interface takes some getting used to on the Korg. Basically, I wan both, but this one is very, very nice.

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