IKEA Wants You To Straighten Up Your Studio Already And Get Your Gear Off The #%!@?! Dinner Table

It looks like IKEA has figured out that there are a lot of musicians repurposing the company’s cheap home furnishings to straighten up their music studios.

They created this promo that looks at how they helped DJ Harry Love deal with his obsession for vinyl, straighten up his studio and maybe even save his relationship.

The studio makeover is actually pretty spiffy, especially the way they used shoe racks to make an awesome keyboard stack.

If you’ve got your own IKEA hack, let us know in the comments!

Here are the items they feature:

  • EXPEDIT shelving units to store his thousands of records
  • STOLMEN shoe racks to store his keyboards
  • KVISSLE cable management box to tame his web of cables
  • FÖRHÖJA cutlery tray to organise the floppy discs he wants to keep

via Oliver Chesler, Paul Eastwest Berlin

40 thoughts on “IKEA Wants You To Straighten Up Your Studio Already And Get Your Gear Off The #%!@?! Dinner Table

  1. Uncanny the Timing. actually had this discussion againwith my gf. We were thinking again where to put all my stuff in. Synthtopia to the rescue. Some nice ideas ,especially the bench for the decks. Cheers

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  2. Heck yes. Love the stolmen shelves. If only they’d work on my 13′ loft ceilings. Anyone ever extended them?

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    • I also have 13 foot ceilings. I bought one of their tables, a heavy weight one with a metal frame and then ran the stolmen poles from the table up to the ceiling. Worked amazingly well. Under the table I put a drawer unit with a shelf on rollers where my Multimoog sits. The thing I did differently though was I didnt use those shelves for the synth. They’re amazingly flimsy with a little bit of a weld on the bracket. Instead I got a Jasper synth stand and used the poles as the cross section with the jasper synth holders. Its brilliant.

      If you do this you need to make sure the table cant be moved. Mine is wedged into a corner with nowhere to go. If it moves, your shelf falls down!

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  3. Wow, its crazy how similar this is to my basement setup. Using the metal (capita?) legs and a cut shelf across ‘em, to make two 1′x1′ish platforms worked super well for monitor stands, and the expedit shelves with the right sized bins are super good for cables and instrument hardware, or just alone for vinyls and trumpet mutes and stuff. There’s probably a way to arrange anything you could possiby want!

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  4. I really wanted to write something snarky, but instead I found myself on the Ikea site investigating Stolmen shoe racks.

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  5. 2 of the best MPC’s ever made, tons of VINYL, Classic Synths, IKEA furnished studio, and a Nice Family. Life is good.

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  6. Hey, buddy, since you clearly don’t give a damn about that Juno-60, how about shipping it my way? I’ll give it some lovin’.

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  7. “to organise the floppy discs he wants to keep”

    Of course he wants to keep the floppies! Doesn’t the rack Akai sampler he has use floppies for the sample memory?

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    • Why still use the floppies if you can change the drive in your synths and samplers for a floppy emulator that eats SD cards? It might be a pain in a transition but at least the damn things works any single time and I do not have to worry that my precious samples can still be read of if the sampler decided to have a bad day and eat my floppies. If I’d still be using an Atari I’d have converted that as well. The old drives keep dying and I feel that it’s a much better solution to replace broken or breaking parts and also create some room for other stuff (like cables you can put into those drawers full of floppies) in the process.

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        • I dunno, *thunk* usually means a component or three are slowly being worn out. I think the teeny *click* of an SD card means it’ll hold up longer. Besides, those wonderful little suckers are huge, so I rarely need to swap one out. I’ve been slow but steady about converting and recycling my old floppies. Weiss Domains syndrome killed a few anyway. I loved my floppies, but now its on bloody THUMB drives. Its a lot of magic for just a few bucks a pop, innit? Awww, look, the Jetsons and TRON had a baby and it has a mohawk made of fiber optics, theremin antennae & USB sticks.

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  8. A Rast plus a cheap drill is all you need to make a very inexpensive modular rack too. To any impecunious musicians I always say “get a Rast” when asked about inexpensive ways to start a modular.

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  9. Ahh, ikea. You used to be cool. Then we found out you used POWs to make furniture back in the day.
    Anyhoo, My main beef with them is that their build quality has gone way down, a least in the US, but prices are the same.
    I’m slowly getting rid of all of the Ikea furniture we collected in our apt living days now that We own a house, and we don’t regret it. They just start falling apart after a few years.

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  10. So…those rumors that IKEA is buying Reaper to give it for free with one of their multi tiered desks might be true after all. “The DIY DAW” was it to be called, they say…

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  11. Hi Guys,

    I have a “DJ booth” where I’m using an EXPEDIT http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/50103086/ with a LACK TV BENCH http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/40105340/

    From the TV BENCH I just used the top part and the little feet to create a gap between the TV BENCH and the EXPEDIT. In this gap I add some LED lights.

    I didn’t assembled all the shelves in the EXPEDIT, The middle is empty where I have a M-Audio BX10s Sub. I also add some hangers for headphone and cables.

    For the speakers and computer, I have a LACK shelf on the wall. It’s pretty cool and the high is perfect for me.


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  12. I work with a master chair, and furniture maker, 35 years of experience making top quality furniture for the likes of Linley, Conran etc. Ikea’s the first place he looks for something suitable for himself when he needs something, ‘Can’t buy the wood for that much money”, is his usual refrain.
    Having said that, if you’ve got some money proper wooden fitted furniture lasts, can be fixed and be modified easily, and just keeps on gaining patina; or you can refinish it in whatever fashion. Once cheap MDF/ chipboard furniture breaks, it’s probably f**ked. Edgings peel etc. after a while anyway. Wooden surroundings, I feel, are far more organic, less like a shop fitting.

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  13. IKEA is a bad company that used east germany to have slaves with no real wages work for them. They also heed no sympathy for ecological issues.

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    • It’s one thing to be (rightfully) upset about something the company did in the 1980s. It’s another to be upset about the company actively logging ancient forests in Russia by Swedwood. I’d rather have 600 year old trees than cheap furniture. Ikea, you can do better than that.

      Thanks for alerting everyone to this issue. I always thought they were green. Effective greenwashing, I guess.


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    • You have to judge companies by current practices and IKEA seems to be a pretty good company.

      IBM supplied the Nazi’s with gear, but that was a different time. .

      I’d worry more about companies like CISCO supplying China, Syria, Saudia Arabia, etc with network gear to spy on the countries’ people.

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  14. those sheves for the keys rate at 55lbs each on the site (which was actually a suprise) and are wedged via extensions to floor and ceiling – unless they are modified i dont feel thats ‘safe’. the mpc’s shelves are a combo of their $9 wood shelf and $20 of mounting plastic (per shelf) so no weight rating, but seems a bit more ‘legit’. definatly sharp and organized – but i dont think id even trust controllers on those shoe racks, let alone heavy/vintage synths.

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    • Agreed. I have a similar set up, but didnt use those shoe racks. Went to buy them but couldnt believe how flimsy they were and how likely it looked that the bracket would snap off. Instead I used a Jaspers A-Frame synth stand and cut it up. Seems extreme, but I needed to organise my space and at 120 euro or something for a 4 tier stand it was a bargain. I used the horizontal bar from the stand, with the synth holders in place, instead of the shoe racks. Works perfect and you can adjust the angle of the synth safe in the knowledge that you wont hear a CRASH in the night.

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  15. Check out the IKEA Broder System (unfortunatelly discontinued last year). Much better than Stolmen. It is very stable and flexible system. It can hold my heavy Yamaha CS50 + and 20 other kayboards. I wish they make something similar or find the company that produced the system.

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