20 thoughts on “‘Incredible’ Maschine Jam

  1. Possibly one of the worst maschine jams I’ve ever seen. Gimme a break. How the fuck do this shit videos make it to the front page? I wait I know. $$$$$$$$

  2. Props to the guy for bothering to perform something live and doing a decent job of it.
    To be honest the track was pretty basic and not a particularly good display of highly skilled controllerism but I think it’s cool that things like Maschine are encouraging DJs to step away from the decks and do stuff like this.

    1. Most people couldn’t do what this guy is doing and it’s certainly more interesting visually than watching somebody hunched over a 303. It’s called being a “performer”.

  3. We think how ridiculous controllerists looks today, but 20 years from when only a handful are still using this doomed to be archaic method, people will think it looks cool. Just as seeing a keytar player today looks. Everyone does agree that seeing a keytar player now looks cool, rrright? Either way It seems too many of you are forgetting just why you got involved with playing music, because it is fun! I’m glad the showboat in this video didn’t forget. Kudos for him!

  4. Dont forget, this is a cover version. This is what the rack sounds like. He did a good job replicating it with Maschine. The title of the track is ‘Incredible’. It doesn’t imply that the playing technique or virtuosity is incredible, just a good cover. Give the guy a break, I thought he did a good job.

  5. “They’re all gonna laugh at you.” – Carrie’s mom

    Hey when are you gonna post some videos of 3rd Bass? Those dudes are pimp! “Pop goes the weasel” is my jam, dog!

    Hows about some Color Me Badd?? nom sayn, G? “I wanna sex you up”!!

  6. I was so excited to play this track, hate it and rip it to shreds like many of the comments from my fellow synthtopia readers. I was really looking forward to a sort of bonding exercise with people I normally view as hyper-critical, do-nothing wankers. But then I played the track and pretty much liked it. I appreciated that it was a cover, that it was covered well, done live and played in front of actual people (make a note of those last two points all you delusional bedroom geniuses with an audience of one).

    Now my initial hopes and dreams are crushed, and I realize that I’m actually probably nothing like many of my fellow synthtopia “critics.” Which, now that I think about it, is a complete fucking relief 😉

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