Free Editor For Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer

HerrMueller’s DX7 is a free Java-based editor for Yamaha’s popular DX7 synth and compatible software synths. 


  • Convenient Voice Set Manager
  • Voice Editor
  • Waveform Preview
  • Instant Data Exchange / Live Edit Mode
  • Sysex Import
  • Platform Independent

The free patch editor is available at vstforx.

If you give it a try, let us know what you think of it!

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12 thoughts on “Free Editor For Yamaha DX7 Synthesizer

  1. The flip down menues dont seem to work on mac (tested 10.6.8 and newest). It’s a bitch cuz i can’t choose my midi interface.

  2. All I can say is FINALLY! I have a dx7IID that has been pretty much replaced by fm8, but its not the same as the real deal with a bad signal to noise ratio going into a quadraverb for some washy pads. I know how to program the DX7 with some decent results but the time commitment to making a patch it just too much most of the time, when fm8 takes minutes to do the same thing. I dont have an ipad for the touch osc template and I couldn’t find any other working dx7 editors.

  3. You can always use Sounddiver (old but works) or MIDIQuest (a bit newer) to edit almost any hardware synth, including the DX7.

  4. I kinda like this editor. it is a tad wonkey on saving patches but otherwise it works pretty well. the layout is pretty easy to use.
    dialed up some pretty neat patches fairly quickly.
    i like it. maybe a few updated and it will be golden. Microtuning support please?
    by the way. I’ve used every DX7 editor i can find and FM alive is by far the best. not free but its only like $30.

    1. it’s $20– I think it was $15 when I bought it, only thing that bugs me is you don’t seem to be able to move envelope points around using arrow keys, an dragging w mouse is pretty inaccurate… will have to check out this new one (at least I don’t have to use parallels anymore!)

    1. Hey Ruben,

      why don’t you just program a MacVersion yourself? Or buy a Windows OS. That’s the OS where you can get all the software you maybe dream off, and it’s cheaper, and that’s what a computer is actually built for – running software programs, the bigger the variety, the better the chance, to find what you need, the better the investment in hardware.
      A Mac is a fine computer, but it’s an expensive standard computer with mostly standard software.
      And your ‘shame complaint’ is already a standard MacUser complaint!

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