Quicksilver 606 CPU Upgrade For The Roland TR-606

Social Entropy has introduced the Quicksilver 606 CPU upgrade for the Roland TR-606 drum machine – an update that adds rolls, individual accents, longer sequences, MIDI and more.

Here’a a video overview of the Quicksilver 606:

Quicksilver 606 is a replacement CPU for the Roland TR-606 drum machine. The operating system has been rewritten from the ground up.


  • The Quicksilver 606 introduces the capability to accent individual instrument triggers. A mix of accented and unaccented triggers can be placed on the same step. This ability makes it possible to program much more expressive patterns that weren’t possible on the original TR-606.
  • A new MUTE/ROLL mode has been added specifically for realtime performance.
    • MUTE mode allows muting of individual instrument tracks. Mutes can be applied in realtime and stored with a pattern or applied globally across patterns.
    • ROLL mode creates a note repeat of selected instruments. The time division of the roll can be changed in realtime for dynamic build-ups and variations.
  • Patterns can now be up to 32 steps in length, split across two 16 step sections. When extending a pattern from 16 to 32 steps, pattern data can copied automatically into the new section. Up to sixteen patterns can be chained for playback.
  • The sequencing engine supports standard grid and tap programming methods. A new realtime record capability also allows patterns to be entered live with a MIDI controller, with incoming velocity used to dynamically set accents.
  • Functions like copy and paste, randomize, rotate and reverse can be applied to individual instruments or entire patterns.
  • The extended track mode allows for complete songs to be constructed using patterns. Each track step has settings for instrument mutes, multiple repeats or pattern chains.
  • Changing between modes can be performed without stopping the sequencer. All data is stored in EEPROM memory, eliminating the need for batteries.
  • Enhanced MIDI connectivity provides synchronization, sequencer input and output, as well as a new “MIDI Control Mode” which allows the buttons of the TR-606 to be controlled remotely by any device that can send MIDI note messages.
  • Full MIDI System Exclusive support means that pattern and track data can be dumped to external devices for backup or sharing. USB MIDI can also be used for direct connection to various USB host devices.
  • USB connectivity is also used for easy operating system upgrades.

The Quicksilver 606 is available now. Price for the base CPU is $275 USD, with free installation for a limited time.

via matrixsynth

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  1. Are you able to program the rhythms with the different timings simultaneously? as in triplets at the same time as the 4/4 ? The standard 606 cannot

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