FL Studio 11 Touchscreen Performance

This video, via imageline, captures Sacco performs his own Goldener Schnitt and then one of Seamless track Bass Antics at Musikmesse 2013.

The setup appears to be FL Studio 11 on WIndows 8 running on a touchscreen computer, but technical details were not provided.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

10 thoughts on “FL Studio 11 Touchscreen Performance

  1. The music sounds great but it seems uncomfortable to use… maybe if it were flat or tilted away… It looks like he’s checking in at the airport.

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    • And none of you thought that this model can be tilted and turned into a table?

      Every large touchscreen I used can be turned into a drawing board.

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      • Which make/models don’t have a stand to contend with? Note that I’m not asking about tablets. I am asking about large-screen computers.

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        • I saw one touchscreen PC which I thought would be good for music apps: Lenovo’s 27″ all-in-one, I believe it’s the “IdeaCentre Horizon” – it is continuously adjustable from vertical (regular PC mode) to flat (tabletop) mode.

          Tabletop mode is great for music and also for games. ;-)

          Of course I wouldn’t mind a bigger iPad either!

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  2. Reminds me of buying a metrocard…sorry but touch stuff is just corny…i feel like i’m watching an ad for some new self service lanes at the supermarket or something…waiting for the screen to fade to an A&P logo…

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  3. That’s just wrong … Do they expect their user to do live shows like this ? Or is it a new way to work on a track in the studio ?

    Either way, it’s wrong …

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