Solarstone – Blade Runner Remix

Drawing from one of Vangelis’ most renowned soundtracks, Solarstone has released a new remix based on the End Titles to Blade Runner. 

The track is, somewhat confusingly, titled Love Theme From Blade Runner (Pure Mix):

Losing none of its ominous awe-inspiring atmosfear, through Solarstone’s ‘Love Theme From Blade Runner’ Vangelis’ now exerts a hypnotic thrall over the club floor. Using the classic strains of ‘End Titles’, Richard fires the Original’s balanced nexus of dystopian melancholia and towering elevation through the Pure prism.

The new remix is available via iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Solarstone – Blade Runner Remix

  1. The movie is still good – the remix is very sad, boring, and 90s euro-electro style. 15 years ago I would be amazed how is this even possible, but now it’s just “meh-poh!”

    1. Tschick-Poom Tschick-Poom… As look as some people think remixing mean adding a garbage preset rythm to a nice theme, we’ll face this kind of garbage 🙂

  2. So I will be the first to say I think the remix was excellent. When it comes to electronic music I either dig it…. or I don’t. Could really care less if it is reminiscent of a dated style. I still kick back and listen to the old stuff that turned me on to synthesizers in the first place, never tossing it in the trash and saying “Wow, that was so yesterday”. Blade Runner came out in 1982 and I think it is still amazing to watch today even though we have modern CGI effects at our disposal now. Call me crazy, I still enjoy the original soundtrack though some might even consider it dated being that Vangelis used those crazy old dated analog keys. What the hell was he thinking!!! Anyway, excellent remix!! Thanks for posting it.

  3. This could have one of many thousands of euro electro tracks until the beautiful riff came in.

    Considering the texture and depth of the source material, this is totally uninspired and uninventive.

    I’m unimpressed.

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