Sound Installation With ‘Scientific Skin’

This video documents a sound installation that uses the Touch Board to create a ‘scientific skin’ that responds to touch with sound.

Here’s the background on the project:

In early 2013, Sabine Seymour of Moondial approached us and asked whether we’d be interested in developing a piece of work which could live for three months in Vienna’s MAK Museum. We asked artist Fabio Antinori, designer Alicja Pytlewska to work with us to explore the relationship between interface, interaction, printing and sound.

What we created was an interactive installation which invited visitors to approach and even touch three interactive screenprints. The output of the interaction was a generative soundscape which will continue to evolve as the piece is interacted with.

The project was full of technical challenges whether it was pushing the Touch Board to work with 2M high sensors, large scale printing on Tyvek or most importantly, developing a graphical language that could tie the project together.

The Touch Board is being developed as a Kickstarter project that is fully funded.

6 thoughts on “Sound Installation With ‘Scientific Skin’

  1. I was skeptical when I saw the title, but after seeing it “played,” I can appreciate being immersed in it. There is a positive gray area in which you have to absorb the manner in which sound evolves when not necessarily attached to a recognizable instrument at all. As a synthesist, I may lose a bit of its wonderment, because I kept ‘seeing’ it as colorful envelope shapes. 😛 Its a bit funny for me to feel like giving all of the teensy analogs and synth blocks the stinkeye as disposable, yet see this simple wall of capacitance as more legitimate. If you’re questioning your perceptions, its doing its job well. A very classy, Enoid project.

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