The Roland Aira Series – The Coolest Thing That Didn’t Get Released At NAMM?

Roland has released a new teaser for its upcoming Aira mystery gear. While we’ve been sworn to secrecy on it, here’s what they have to say about Roland Aira series:

With roots in the very origins of electronic music, AIRA is the new series of products designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s electronic musicians. In the studio or on the stage, AIRA brings genre-defining sound and modern performance features to a new generation.

The roland Aira series is set for official release later this winter. In the meantime, check out the teaser promo!

127 thoughts on “The Roland Aira Series – The Coolest Thing That Didn’t Get Released At NAMM?

  1. Before the first rumors of the aira, with every new product release you could read “meh, roland should better be doing a remake of the 303, 808 etc. blah back to the roots blah blah”

    And now that it’s about to be here, peeps are already starting only to see the bad in this. Be positive! I am pretty sure thing is going to be great =D I’m really looking forward to try it out.

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    this pdf is a stripboard clone of the 808 snare. anyone that has basic soldering knowhow can build one him/herself
    my girlfriend made one ^^

    and THATS the point of not making an analog version, the patents are open, everyone can build a clone, a lot of companies sell it for quite a price a lot of for dirtcheap, so how much financial potential is in a 808 clone to roland ? i guess next to nothing

    only way for roland is emulate it with a VA and sell it to people as better then original

    they probably also lack experts in analogue design ? nowadays, probably the whole developement team at roland are VA specialists ..

    its easy to say, just build an elektron machinedrum with analog 808 soundsources, but all the samll companies started out with a bunch of enthusiasts that wanted to evolve analogue design and or melt it with uptodate electronics.

    roland tries and fails at VA for the last 20 years, so how big is the chance that they have specialists for analogue circuits inhouse?

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  3. People sound like idiots what they say ‘if its not Analog i’m not interested’ – surely you mean ‘if it doesn’t sound exactly like Analog i’m not interested’ ? At some point as everything goes 96K and DSP/modelling tech improves, no one will be able to tell the difference in a blind test (and I suspect 99.9% of people couldn’t now with say Diva and a good D/A).

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  4. the point is that VA is always an interpretation of whats going on and whats important to he developerteam

    as someone already meantioned the 808 had a crosstalk problem in the hihats, so, are the developers like “wow thats important” and try to implement that, or are they more like “oh god lets hope no one figured that out on the original, his time we do better” and avoid crosstalking ?

    and that list goes on and on, because as you probably know, with analogue circuits there are endless factors, not only roometmperature or parts temperature, or tolerances of the parts. and the goal of VA is to simulate that in a digital enviroment.

    you cant simulate endless possibilities in a digital enviroment, because someone has to make a list first and decide whats important, and THATS the point where all the VA criticism comes from, whether you see it like that or not.

    if you have enough insight from the technical point you would not have to really discuss that as its an official fact already ^^

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    1. In fairness, analog has many undesirable characteristics like temperature-related tuning drift and the need to recalibrate circuits as they age. To say that digital designs have to model these flaws is silly — like saying that acrylic paint should be reformulated to match the look and feel of oils.

      Heck, the CEM chips used in classic gear don’t sound like today’s analog circuits (Dave Smith instruments excepted), yet nobody is complaining that modern analog synths are “wrong” simply because they don’t sound like the Matrix 6 or Six Trak.

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  5. Who cares? Roland dropped, nay… abandoned the ball many years ago. The Analog/Digital debate is moot because their overall focus to create innovative hardware of any lasting quality has been lackluster at best. Roland chose to sit on the top of the mountain and take few risks. They did make a great many machines and boxes that I still love to hear, but they are too far behind the real movers and shakers now.

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    1. DAT machines are still a great source of high quality A/D on the cheap. And I recommend digging that old cassette deck (or four track!) out of the closet and passing a couple drum loops though it and back into a sampler/DAW. Maybe these won’t become your go-to recording solution, but they are both useful tools in the studio. Certainly a DAT, while it has certain inconveniences, will out-perform a dollar-for-dollar equivalent recorder all day long.

      There’s an analogy here.

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  6. C’mon roland let the acid 303 sound die! It’s done.its really so awful to hear that stupid sound.. I cringe when I hear it.. Eff u 303.

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  7. I was initially very excited about the AIRA series upcoming release. This particular video however has just rubbed me the wrong way. I mean, it looks like these instruments will have a lot of hands-on control which is always a big plus but from the sounds of this video they have nothing new to offer sonically speaking. No, I am not talking about analog/digital, I own and use plenty of both – what I mean is that what I hear in this video is a plethora of over-used sounds. I was personally hoping for something that sounded a little more innovative but I was not hearing it – a real let-down. To me its starting to look like the AIRA series is really aimed at mainstream producers. I think I will be spending my money elsewhere.

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  8. hello , don’t know if those infos are out already : there will be a TR-08 , a TB-3 , a VT-3 and a keyboard called SYSTEM 1 . the TR-08 should be priced auround 300 euros .

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