Atomic Shadow – The Mouth Of Hell

Sunday Synth JamThe Mouth Of Hell, by mid-century electronica artist Atomic Shadow (Rod Mitchell).

Here’s what Mitchell has to say about The Mouth Of Hell:

This piece was built around two tracks that were processed and edited to tape. One was made from recordings of my Panoramic Wave Generator instrument for Kontakt and played back on the Pioneer reel to reel. The second was made with a fascinating iPad app called Stria by Euginio Giordani and Alessandro Petrolati. The app recordings were edited and played back on the Akai cassette machine. Both tape machines were then bussed to the Lexicon processor.

The EMW 200 mini synth provides a droning, bass type sound. The remainder of the sounds are loops of processed vocals that are performed on an SP404 sampler, using the onboard effects and the Korg KPQuad.

6 thoughts on “Atomic Shadow – The Mouth Of Hell

  1. I want to thank Synthtopia for getting this video off to the best start of any of my videos. Almost 2,000 views as I write.

    This is part of a series of experiments for building a live rig. In order to do some of the things I want it will not be possible to use only 60 year old lab gear. The SP-404 takes the place of tape loops and allows me to use sounds that I have already gathered, processed or constructed. The KP Quad gives me real effects control that can be performed. This piece has helped me narrow down my choices considerably.

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