Building An ARP 2600 Clone In 8 Minutes

This video, via Heavy Metal Kid, is a time-lapse video of building Two Thousand Six Hundred #38, the ARP 2600 DIY clone from The Human Comparator.

Here’s what Heavy Metal Kid has to say about it:

I built mine in March 2014, as seen in this time lapse. Some parts of the build were not documented due to battery running out.

All sounds in the video come from this synthesizer. The middle section is the TTSH sequencing itself via sample and hold. The intro and outro sections are sequenced by an Elektron Analog 4, and the outro section is multi tracked.

17 thoughts on “Building An ARP 2600 Clone In 8 Minutes

  1. This has been a true pleasure to build. Documentation, support community, a PCB (and panel) that is a work of art. Thank you, zthee.

  2. Way to go Sweden!!

    If someone needs this built i could think of doing it.
    Get two kits and I’ll assemble one for you and keep the other.
    You can reach me at [email protected] if you’re interested.
    This is a nice project !

  3. That actually looks pretty complicated and difficult. The first 1 minute of the video looks like he’s just sorting and checking off all the components from the parts list. Major respect for the builder (and the designer of the product of course).

    1. This is the most complicated and expensive synth DIY project that I’ve ever seen. Builds are going to run 2K and up, but then you’d have a synth monster!

        1. Totally worth it! Cheap for an Arp 2600. I realize it won’t sound the same and with that in mind let’s remember all the original arps sounded different from one another. I still think the arp 2600 is the Modular Synth Ergonomics Champion.

  4. Looks like an absolute nightmare to build and source parts. I couldn’t make one of these if you gave me 3 lifetimes. However, if I could buy one pre-built, I’d order it immediately. Looks fantastic.

  5. I’ve built a lot of kits, modules and full synths.
    I wouldn’t touch this project for less than $1000 and probably more like $1500+.

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