Arturia Spark 2 Drum Machine Now Available

Arturia_Spark2_MainArturia has announced the availability of Spark 2, introducing an update UI and new features to its software drum machine for Mac and Windows.

While Spark has always been built on a fully-modular VA (Virtual Analogue) sound engine, originally only developers had access. With the all-new Modular screen, Spark 2 users can now add and subtract modules (including Oscillator, multimode Filter and Karplus-Strong Filter, Envelope, Lfo, MiniMixer, RingMod, and Bode Frequency Shifter); create their own patch routings; and assign up to six macro controls for immediate control. 

Here’s a series of videos that introduces Spark 2:

Spark 2 also adds 50 new kits, including no fewer than 800 new instruments, that span more musical genres than ever before, including trap, hip-hop, tech house, and nu disco, as well as acoustic drum kits, spanning modern rock, funk, R ’n’ B, pop, vintage rock, and latin percussion.

Vintage drum machine enthusiasts are also well catered for with emulations of the likes of Roland’s TR-808, TR-909, TR-707, TR-606, and CR-78; LinnDrum, Linn 9000; Oberheim DMX; E-mu Drumulator; Sequential Circuits Drumtraks; Yamaha RX5; and Simmons SDS-V. All kits come with 32 patterns that can be used by themselves or form the basis of user-programmed beats.

In Spark 2, Song mode has been updated, too.

Song segments can now be configured and then replayed at the touch of a button. Users can create song sections that will play from one pattern to another and then recall these sections via the step buttons on the Spark Creative Drum Machine and SparkLE Creative Drum Machine controllers.

Spark 2 can be purchased online from Arturia for an introductory price of €129.00 EUR/$129.00 USD between May 1 and June 30, inclusive (rising to €169.00 EUR/$189.00 USD thereafter). Arturia is also offering a promotional pricing of €199.00 EUR/$199.00 USD on the SparkLE Creative Drum Machine controller (with SPARK 2 included) between those same dates (rising to €249.00 EUR/$299.00 USD thereafter). See the Arturia site for details.

30 thoughts on “Arturia Spark 2 Drum Machine Now Available

  1. arturia has good intentions, but i’ve had a lot of buggy experiences with them.

    this looks great at face value, but it’s probably going to be plagued by bugs

    time will tell i guess

    1. Just installed it and spent 20 minutes with it. Being that this was launched with no fanfare, I wasn’t expecting much. It’s actually QUITE GOOD and worthy of a 2.0 release. The synthesis engine was only available to developers before. Now if feels like an actual analog drum machine. (And the ‘Vintage’ skin with wood end cheeks is a nice touch.) The modular section is AWESOME. Add the fact that this is a FREE update (with many extra kits) and I’m completely happy. A great beat-making tool that compliments my Maschine, D-16 Group plugins, Geist, Tremor, Battery and MicroTonic. Great stuff, Arturia!

    1. Arturia – there are many of us who don’t want to use computers any more.

      Spark 3 – all drums sounds onboard please, no computer needed! 8 outputs, 3 trigger outs like Roland did w the Tr-808.. 30 years ago. Much larger surface. Love the current colors.

      Brute Synth – 49 key, 16-voice multi-timbral 3 Osc Synth loads of routings, tons of knobs, etc. 16-step sequencer w 6 part live sequencer – I want to play live and simply overlay the parts w/o computer, like the new Prophet 12 / Elektron Analog keys but more voices and a better looking interface

  2. Will there be a software update pricing for current Spark owners, with the original (full-size) hardware? And, will it work with the original Spark hardware?

  3. Yes indeed! Nice unexpected extra for the weekend- sitting right there in the update section of my Arturia account- thanks for pointing that out Matt

  4. I gotta say, the shot of the guy on stage rocking out to his laptop for an audience of empty seats might be uncomfortably close to home.

    1. ha, true.

      The music industry has changed drastically in the past 5-10 years. But with how accessible music making apps are, everyone and their baby will be able to make beats like Dre. Good songs that would have stood out 5-10 years ago will become meh according to today’s standard.

      I think that is why people make videos of them plunking away on their synths etc because if you were just listening, it would sound bland.

      1. just because you can make a beat doesn’t make it good enough to listen to.
        just because you can make a song doesn’t mean people want to listen to it.
        it takes a minimum of 10 years of hard study to even get close to commercial
        quality. but keep buying their stuff and become a hobbyist like everyone else.

    1. Read the article above and note the key words “software” and “controller”.
      It is however very simple to make drum tracks with and never touch the mouse while doing so.

    1. Hey whiteblob,
      funny but the update is free for owners of the 1st spark so, if you buy spark 2 now, you will get spark 3 for free when it will be out

  5. The PC link on the Spark 2 resources page is the mac file. You have to get the update from the updates tab… I about lost it.

    1. I got an email back from Arturia support this morning that said Spark VDM owners will get an upgrade offer next week.

      1. Hope so… just decked that this morning when my activation key for SparkVDM failed for Spark 2… Fingers tentatively crossed…

  6. That modular screen is pretty awesome, actually. They should be making a much bigger deal out of that than they are.

    1. Yeah, that looks pretty neat. Sorta like the Nord Drum, only in software. It would be cool to see them put out a modular VA drum synth to go with the mini/microbrute!

    2. Completely agree. I’ve been considering Spark for a while, but the modular environment just sold me on this.

  7. LOVED the SparkLE!

    This upgrade looks like it will take this awesome controller/software for drum programming & synthesis MUCH further!!

    Great Job Arturia! Between this and my Minibrute, I’d say this is my favorite modern synthesizer company!

  8. software no hardware, loud up to ‘puter and drive away.
    what could be better than soulless instruments for the age of alienation.
    live performance is dead, bring your laptop and get down.
    i like being able to reboot my synths when they crash rather than having to pay for repairs.
    code is king.

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